Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say "Kelly Ayotte and her Republican Bankster Shills Got Their Way: Richard Cordray Steps Down."

All of this is simple, watch the movie above as her own constituent in North Country said "She's full of shit."

I told you 6 years ago that Kelly Ayotte would gut the CFPB if she could, and now after years of adversity Richard Cordray steps down. Oh Jesus. Can you blame him? He must be under total attack right now. I've known Counselor Cordray from the early '90's when we both worked for Ohio Attorney General Lee Fisher. 

"Cordray was a frequent target of Republicans...."

No shit Sherlock.

More about Kelly Ayotte:

Next thing you know they will be pushing Kelly for Supreme Court Justice. Souter is long gone, time for another one from NH. She's got a lot of power, but not enough to put me in prison over a First Amendment issue when I was legal chair of the NAACP; I kicked her ass and the State ran away like a puppy that peed itself after a widely-publicized indictment for Attempted Felony Extortion in a police abuse case. All I had said was that the NAACP would sue and go to the media if the Town of Jaffrey failed to pay a black man who endured a visual body cavity search and 3 drawn police guns for loitering. They arrest reports are no longer hosted online and they are deep in my archives but trust me, it happened to Willie Toney.  The Police Chief Martin J. Dunn was fired because he was loco and the Prosecutor was dirty and resigned his post.

She also barred me from a public invite forum for her racist pal Joe Arpaio so I sued her and should have won but you know how that goes. Then Politico interviewed me and trie to make me sound like a lunatic with no First Amendment knowledge, fuck them too for their yellow-assed journalism. Unlike Kelly Ayotte I have actually won First Amendment Jury Trials (video) and I always know exactly what I am talking about and they all know it.
Let's not even get into many other transgressions against the people of New Hampshire... except I will take time to mention that the biggest consumer fraud in NH history occurred on her watch. It was the FRM Ponzi Scam involving mortgage-backed securities of all things, yah. Watch the video at bottom as Executive Counselor Dave Wheeler describes how Kelly ignored him about his constituents' concerns regarding unlawful foreclosures, fact.  

Fact: My first Kelly Ayotte blog completely disappeared from the blogosphere. I had to rebuild it. Fancy that.

Monday, May 11, 2015

A KingCast Moment of Silence on Franconia 5/11 and Notation of former NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte Coverup.

Today is 5/11. When Liko Kenney awoke today 8 years ago he was in a good mood and was having a great day at work, according to Mickey deRham, who saw him that afternoon.  He had no idea that he would never make it home after Norman Bruce McKay violated several specific police policies as he Pepper sprayed Liko and bashed his car out of public view, without any specific directive.  The rest is a history of coverups by former NH Attorney cum U.S. Senator General Kelly Ayotte, as noted in Casey Sherman's book "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains, and as more fully detailed herein.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Laugh as Senator Kelly Ayotte's New Hampshire Has Highest Per Capita Complaints to the CFPB.

Now as you review this keep in mind that there is a mainstream journo out there named David Shankbone who actually went so far as to call me a "fruitcake" who writes about issues no one cares about, relative to one Kelly Ayotte. Just goes to show you that just because someone is a big name journo that doesn't mean that they know what the hell they are talking about. That is the sorry state of "professional" journalism these days. As you'll see at bottom, former NH Executive Counselor David Wheeler agrees with me, not Shankbone.

Three years (or more) ago I told you Kelly Ayotte was a sham Senator and a sham Attorney General before that as I alleged that she would "gut the CFPB" while one of her constituents in the top movie flat out said she was "full of shit." Regard the 2011 journal entry in which some of these concerns were addressed, along with the fact that Senator Pat Leahy from neighboring Vermon had introduced S1054 (Fighting Fraud in Bankruptcy Act) to make U.S. Trustees accountable when it comes to fraudulent B10 Proof of Claims in Bankruptcy Courts. It apparently died on the vine surprise surprise but this is important because NH BK trustee hates me for exposing the fact that he covers up for David Stern's pals at Harmon Law Offices and never contests such claims and refused to provide me free FOIA information as he should have given my journalist exemption. 

Well flash forward to fall, 2013 as we see that New Hampshire has the highest per capita amount of complaints to the CFPB, which is staffed by my erstwhile co-counsel from the Ohio Attorney General's Office, Kent Markus and Richard Cordray as noted.  This should not come as alarming to anyone because as noted in the second video, she was NH AG too busy trying (and failing) to prosecute me as NAACP Legal Chair for fighting racism to keep up with the FRM Ponzi scam -- the biggest consumer fraud in New Hampshire history. Look at the thumbnail at left describing her phony mortgage fraud crackdown. From my pals at Wikipedia:
California leads all states by volume of complaints with 14768. It is followed by Florida, New York, Georgia and Texas. When complaints are divided by a state's total population, New Hampshire leads. The state is followed by Washington D.C., Maryland, Georgia and Florida. Complaints do not correlate with national rankings for August's foreclosure rate by state where Nevada topped the list, followed by Florida, Ohio, Maryland and Delaware. 
I find it humorous that Shankbone works for Wiki, gathering the data that I use to show what a complete tool he really is, LOL.  Be that as it may, Kelly Ayotte is a complete sham in so many ways it is difficult to imagine: She also accepted $10K from the fraudulent Taxmaster's company that the Texas AG successfully prosecuted for millions, and never returned the money even though she said she would. Lastly, take time to watch the movie at bottom in which former NH Executive Counselor David Wheeler noted Kelly Ayotte's ongoing intransigence in the face of consumer concerns: She never returned his phone calls for a meeting, nice.

These are just some of the criminal financial elements for you to consider, yet there are plenty of other criminal matters to consider as well but that's another story; RIP Liko Kenney.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

KingCast and Mortgage Movies FOIA Demand on Kelly Ayotte: Proof That She Returned the $10K Tainted Taxmasters Senate Campaign Donation.

Note the tracked U.S. Mail envelope, above. Also there is video and audio from each phone call I made to Kelly Ayotte's office, Ryan Williams at the NH Republican Committee and Jack Middleton and Jennifer Parent at the law firm of McLAne, Graf et al.... as they represent Friends of Kelly Ayotte because Kelly used to work there as did U.S. Magistrate Landya B. McCafferty, of course remember the back door Federal Recusal relative thereto.

ABC News reported last year that Taxmasters and scumbag front man Patrick Cox got socked with a $200M Jury Judgment and they have since filed for bankruptcy. Now I lost track of this but KingCast, along with a few other journalists with chutzpah noted three years ago that Kelly Ayotte had taken a $10K campaign contribution from Taxmasters even though they were at the time under investigation by the Texas AG. This is because Senator Kelly Ayotte has been politically pimped like most of her associates and they are all bought and sold by Goldman Sachs, etc. at noted herein (Open Secrets campaign contributor list) the Fab FabriceTourre journal entry and video.

Be that as it may, Kelly Ayotte's campaign wonk Jeff Grappone unequivocally stated as quoted in the Victoria Advocate regarding Taxmasters:
"If they're found to have violated the law, we'll return the contributions immediately," said Ayotte campaign spokesman Jeff Grappone.
Keep in mind that Grappone hates the First Amendment and called the lawsuit over then NH AG Ayotte's deleted emails "an election year stunt." Now as we turn to this situation the charges were serious and that is why the Judgment was so high:
"Texas is seeking restitution for customers harmed by the company's conduct and civil penalties of up to $20,000 for each violation of the state's Deceptive Trade Practices Act. In response to the charges, the company issued a statement reported by the Houston Chronicle saying it and Cox were working with the attorney general's office to "negate any wrongful charges." "While we do charge for the services that we are hired to perform, let me categorically state that TaxMasters is not a scam," Cox said in the statement. 
 "We are not a fraud. We do not cheat people." The Monitor reported that Cox and Clamon have donated large amounts to a number of Republican U.S. senators and Senate candidates besides Ayotte.
Kelly Ayotte talks a mean game about tax reform as noted in this Apple Computer testimony but her history is clearly questionable. Now it is up to the major press to determine who the other dirtbag Senators are and to press for FOIA on them. Heck I'm just the little guy trying to help them out; I can only do so much. And don't look for Firedoglake or Daily Kos to do anything even though I told Firedoglake about this and I believe I mentioned it on NH CCTV.  They are nothing more than paper tigers who kicked me off of their boards for taking Kelly Ayotte to task on other matters because the people who run these sites -- like former CIA operative Markos Moulitsas -- are all part of the Internet mafia. Dirty rotten lying scum just like too many U.S. Senators. For more on Kelly Ayotte being bought and sold by the banking industry watch the trailers from our upcoming Sundance movie "10 Questions: America's Fraudclosure Crisis." 

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say Kudos to Earthworks Microphones for Their Assistance in "10 Questions: America's Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis."

Trailer #2 with Kit, Kelly Ayotte and former Senator and Executive Councilor Dave Wheeler. States Wheeler:
"I have 6 years in Executive Council and 6 years Senate before that..... I had called Kelly's office three times to get her to work with my constituents on this issue and ummm even as executive councilor I couldn't get an appointment with her..... My problem with the settlement issue is the money is not being used to help those who were defrauded, it's really being used for foreclosure counseling in the future....... Given that there was fraud on people the money should go to the people and not the State."
But wait folks that's not all: As to meritorious lawsuits against BoA recall the pending George case and the completed McCarthy cases? Well Rob Somerton and his attorneys are gathering empirical pattern and practice evidence from all 50 States. We will be coordinating our efforts so that the World public may more readily appreciate the legally and morally aberrant behavior that defines America's Fraudclosure Crisis.

Our attorneys are exploring a new lawsuit against Bank of America over mortgage fraud, they've ask me to handle the initial intake because of my extensive online social network. They're asking for a ONE page description/timeline of YOUR Countrywide/BoA Modclosure (modification/foreclosure) experiences. We are taking in stories from all 50 states, still working out the parameters/details.
Folks can pm me here on fb or e-mail
Rob -
 — with Lainey Hashorva and 50 others inUnited States.

Trailer #1 with Cynthia.

Focus on this NH journal entry. Making a good documentary requires optimal sound. And boy do they ever provide it; we sound better than NPR!

I'm waiting on former Executive Counselor Dave Wheeler for my next interview. This is going to be a scathing indictment of the banking industry and our elected representatives and the actual impact that foreclosure fraud has had in New Hampshire.... the State that votes first.

Earthworks website; Stevie Wonder might be blind as a bat but he knows how he likes his music to sound and he depends on Earthworks to get it right.

Monday, April 22, 2013

KingCast on Air Twice Tomorrow: Cody Eller/Eugene Stahl Laurie List Verdict Overturned + Foreclosure Fraud and Kelly Ayotte Free Press SCOTUS Appeal.

I told you the other day that the Verdict in Cody Eller's case was set aside, that time for discussion is 3pm PST or I guess 6pm EST from Atlanta's Garage71 Rumblings show.

I told you the other day that U.S. Senator Robert Menendez is a backslapping blowhard on fraudulent foreclosures.

I told you the other day that I would be on One Radio Network discussing mortgage foreclosure fraud and Kelly Ayotte's contempt for the First Amendment; hat time is now tomorrow 7am PST or I guess 10am EST.

Friday, April 19, 2013

KingCast Alerts NH Police and Public to the Greg Floyd, Jr. Assuming False Identity and Believed Dangerous.

First of all, his father is a freak and in my opinion a murderer, and Senator Kelly Ayotte covered all of that up. Read the real dossier on him; he claimed to have fought in Vietnam but never left Camp Lejeune except to be AWOL. He is also a multiple felon but Kelly Ayotte, then AG of NH, covered all of it up until I came along and filed public information requests to the Department of Safety and got the documents she never published. As a former Assistant AG I know she's a complete farce. The government and the Courts know I'm right too but they help her cover it all up but the facts are the facts.

Here is some back story on Greg Floyd, Jr., who now goes by Greg McIver. Here is his twitter.

Basically, he has invented an identity for himself that is completely false. He claims to have dated the brother of actress Karen David, although no such brother ever existed. Read on from today's email to me.

"Mr. King, thank you very much for reading this. I've watched your video and it is excellent work. I sent this text also to Casey Sherman who wrote a book entitled "Bad Blood, Freedom and Death in the White Mountains." Recently I came to know someone who called himself Greg McIver, whose real name is Greg Floyd, Jr., son of the man who was involved in the [Franconia] shootings. 

Any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated. Not long ago, a person by the name of Greg McIver came into the lives of my wife and I. He began dating a friend of ours and we accepted him at our home. Over time, I began to suspect that the stories told by Greg about his life history were false. He claimed to know an actress by the name of Karen David, and claimed to have been engaged to a brother of hers named Justin. He claimed to have a music background and to have recorded with them. 

To make an extremely long story short, an extensive internet investigation revealed that his entire backstory was a lie, and that Justin David, supposedly someone who passed away in a car accident in 2010, never existed. Furthermore, Karen David's representatives got back to me and informed me that the Facebook pages related to her, her "wife", and Justin that we knew them were not connected to her in any way and that they would be removed. This was followed immediately by a post on her Twitter feed alerting her fans of people impersonating her. 

I admit this is a lot to read, but I believe Greg Floyd Jr., aka Greg McIver is a potentially dangerous person. He is currently residing in Manchester with his father, who luckily I have not met. In your research, did you uncover anything about him? Thank you very much for your assistance as I'm having extreme difficulty finding anything on the internet related to Greg Floyd Jr., even through typically solid sources like US Search." 

He is a thief that's for certain. 

What is your number and do I have permission to post this without your name ASAP?
You can post it of course. I will copy/paste you my messages from Karen David's official Facebook page 
I think Greg underestimated me.