Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kelly Ayotte's legacy as NH Attorney General informs her destiny as U.S. Senator.

We have established Kelly Ayotte's ongoing/legacy in general and her deviations from protocol in specific, when it comes to the Franconia shooting tragedy "investigation" involving Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and Kelly's "hero" and multiple felon (and currently incarcerated) Gregory W. Floyd.

You see, with Kelly, its not that she is sued often and is in the middle of several lawsuits right now that reflect poorly on her reputation. Every AG gets sued, duh. But it is the tenor of the lawsuits against her and her stupid actions (most notably the Planned Parenthood and same sex marriage snafus) that really identify her as a feckless right wing zealot.

This weekend I will return to Dave Coltin's case against Kelly, and of course I look forward to reading Casey Sherman's book in late summer/early fall, "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains." I'm headed up to ride bikes up there with Davey Kenney this weekend, prolly hit a little tennis and whatnot.

PS: That "legacy" link contained a step-by-step guide to Kelly Ayotte's missteps in Office as NH Attorney General, including a multitude of Right-to-Know violations. However, in addition to my entire blog about Kelly Ayotte disappearing (my investigation show was infected with malware somehow, huh) so too has that post. I'll have to check my emails and see if it somehow disappeared from there as well.

At least they haven't taken the postings about the juvenile DNA reporting constitutional violations.

PPPS: Now her likely opponent Paul Hodes didn't do much in the Franconia matter either, but according to our mutual mechanic, at least he used to drive a silver BMW 535is just like one of my BMWs. The one with the "CIVL RTS" license tags, as opposed to Bruce McKay's "GOTCHA" tags. The Ninja 650R tag, well you don't need to know what it says :)

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  1. Hawaii is listening, We can smell Kelley Ayotte from heah :( ayuh. Keep up the good work Chris. Peace and love, Davey Kenney