Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Monday, September 28, 2009

KingCast applauds Union Leader for finally publishing facts that show Kelly Ayotte covered up the Franconia shooting tragedy.

"New book questions Ayotte judgment in officer shooting."
When it comes to the fact that they dutifully ignored me and everyone in the Franconia Collective -- and even struck our comments from their chat boards a la ABC News and 20/20, it's All Good because as I told one Janus-faced tool this morning: When it comes to the facts of the cover up, even the Union Leader is covering Casey Sherman's book, fool.
According to Pride, Sherman portrays Ayotte as being "overeager to lionize McKay and to clear Floyd of wrongdoing in the shooting of Kenney."

Pride writes, "Sherman makes this last point by showing how Ayotte misstated the facts to strengthen her points."

........and it says everything I said, and everything you agreed to when you wrote "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" so I don't know why you are hatin' so much get a grip dude. Mister former JAG Attorney ;)

Anyway watch for the upcoming Chronicle show -- and follow the other items linked below -- regarding all of this.

Related post and videos and crucial windshield bullet and spent casings info: Casey Sherman's "Bad Bloood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" events for early October, 2009.

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