Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bad Blood: Why Kelly Ayotte cannot be trusted and should never be a Senator.

Casey said, inter alia:
"It was sold as bad kid, good cop, hero samaritan saves the day..... but it was anything but that..... and that's what Bad Blood is all about."
The Boston Police video follows and I received that today in response to my Wednesday weekly 5:30p segment at TOUCH Beat 106.1 FM, stream online and listen to the segment here. It is courtesy Joanna Marinova, Co-Director of PresspassTV Programs and Operations. Curry College Department Co-Chairs Jerry Gibbs and Bob McNeill are pictured in the same frame, and Eric Cox, a progressive video stream genius, is pictured with Casey. Sorry for the grain guys, I shot it on video setting in between vids. Also pictured is Oliver Ruff with Marc Lidsky sorry Marc ;) and Yours Truly. Oliver, Marc and I had some very interesting discussions that will be followed by a November Criminal Justice program with Casey, Brad Whipple and me, see below and stay tuned.

At bottom for you newbies, Casey, Brad Whipple and me discuss this case on KingCast YouTube video. It was truly a pleasure to meet all of you, more links coming Friday below the smiley :)
1. Letter to Senators about Kelly Ayotte's deviations from norm.
2. Spent casing placement proves Kelly Ayotte lied.
3. The Windshield bullet proves Kelly Ayotte lied.
4. What Kelly Ayotte hid about Gregory Floyd.
5. What Kelly Ayotte hid about Bruce McKay; Brendlin v. California.
6. More McKay complaint files I received through litigation.
7. Why we are raising $2K for audio analysis of back seat mic.
8. McKay always out of control and violating Constitutional Rights and OC Spraying Sarah.
9. The 7 Pursuit and OC Spray violations McKay violated on 5/11.
10. Officer Pepper makes a stink at Profile High School.
11. The "Missing" Troy Watts Ethics Complaint on Bruce McKay.
12. Kelly Ayotte for Senate? Let's work to defeat her.
Bonus round, Baker's Dozen: The Penis-Shaped Knife.
PS: Watch these videos carefully.

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