Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Glenn Beck endorses Paul Hodes over Kelly Ayotte for Senate, enter Jim Bender

I have it on Good Faith and direct observation that not even Republican henchman Glenn Beck supports current front-runner Kelly Ayotte for Senate, and that he went as far as to endorse Democrat Paul Hodes on Fox News at 5.

Perhaps he read about Kelly Ayotte's deviations from protocol in the Franconia shooting tragedy, or perhaps he knew about how she lied and covered up for Gregory W. Floyd, or perhaps he knew about her legacy in general, including Bad Cop Fred Hoysradt, but whatever, right on Glenn.

Time to have a chat with Ayotte's fellow Republican Jim Bender.
Bender, 56, becomes the fifth potential GOP candidate. Coming on the heels of the New Hampshire Sunday News exclusive report on the potential candidacy of businessman William Binnie of Rye, Bender's entrance into the mix could be another early indication of GOP uncertainty about front-runner Kelly Ayotte's budding candidacy.

She was a horrible, lying AG and she would be a horrible, lying Senator.

From the Paulhus "investigation" here is forensic specialist Paul Erwin Kish:

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  1. In the email tip jar from retired Franconia and Sugar Hill LE Brad Whipple:

    "I am waiting for Sarah Pailin to come out in support of KellyAyotte for the US Senate opening from New Hampshire. Two "great lookers", both complete airheads who failed in their political careers, quitting early to become directly involved in the political arena. Each failed to complete a fair job in their prior positions from which they "cut and ran". They claim to want to serve America. Please help them to understand that America is best served when they both support Unites States Representative Paul Hodes for the next United States Senator from New Hampshire. He is a proven elected official who stays with the job and completes his time at bat."