Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, November 19, 2009

KingCast says WMUR coverage shows what a terror Gregory Floyd really is; he already said he never spoke to Liko Kenney.

The story. Floyd now says he shot Liko before his car even struck McKay, which would be murder
"That kid needed to be stopped." "I could have let him shoot me," Floyd said. "Or I could have let him continue with his extremely dangerous behavior until some woman or child was killed."

The shooting was later ruled justified.
(Yah, later THAT DAY)

Remember Liko called his Uncle Mike 3 times at the first stop, that's not somebody who is in the frame of mind to start killing people now, is it? Of course not, and that's why we cannot trust Kelly Ayotte as Senator. She couldn't shine my shoes.
Floyd initially admitted he shot without talking and the windshield bullet proves that he shot before he could have allegedly seen Liko Kenney with a gun in his hand. Of course Liko might have been trying to reload after Floyd shot his car, otherwise he was trying to leave the area, which does NOT grant Gregory Floyd a license to kill. Watch Brad Whipple, Casey Sherman and me discuss this in the KingCast YouTube videos at the bottom of this post.

Here comes the BS now, set for Prime Time TV: They don't even show the SOP violations on the Tahoe Bash and OC Spray. Anyway, interviews like this will only embolden Gregory Floyd to commit more crimes. Here is his rap sheet and here is his son's.

It has been said that anything WMUR can do to protect Kelly Ayotte now that Casey Sherman's book "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" is out, they will do, but if that is the case this one backfired. Meanwhile I know for FACT that the townspeople want to hear a protection plan set forth for when Gregory Floyd slinks his way out of Prison.

1. Floyd was a military AWOL liarhead.
2. Assault and disturbing the peace?
3. In violation of Mass and Federal Law?
4. Held guns in Mass.
5. Search warrant signed by Judge Cyr.
6. Stole the Virgin Mary #1.
7. Stole the Virgin Mary #2.
8. Newspapers scared of Floyd.

But that's not all. Gregory Floyd, in addition to being convicted of three (3) felonies in Georgia, also went on a bit of a terror streak in Massachusetts under SSN 26*.84.838_. This is all oral but the docs are on their way. I can't believe this dirtbag was born on my birthday. Ewwwww......

Clinton District Court:
20 August 1984
Docket #82342
Assault & Battery w/Dangerous Weapons

Lowell District Court:
10 July 1987
Docket # 87CR-1342A/1343A/1343B
Assault w/Dangerous Weapons

Ayer District Court:
17 Sept. 1996
Docket # 9648CR-0929A
Disorderly Person N/G
Disturbing the Peace Guilty

Grafton Superior Court
1 July 1998
Criminal Threatening Guilty

Franconia School District
Year uncertain file not in front of me.
Affidavit on file in 07-E-268, Floyd threatened to send someone home in a body bag, "I know where you live and I know the route you take home, and if you're not careful they'll send you home in a body bag."

Grafton Superior Court
28 December 2007
Permanent Restraining Order
Download/Listen to Audio here.

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