Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

KingCast to expose Kelly Ayotte's bogus Franconia Investigation at Bridgewater College Criminal Justice class Wednesday, 18 Nov. 2009.

George McNeil is an interesting man with compelling and solid Law Enforcement credentials. He is a visiting lecturer at Bridgewater, whose mission is as noted on their website:
Criminal Justice

The department provides a rigorous discipline-specific curriculum aimed at developing well-rounded graduates with strong critical thinking abilities.

While we have not me in person, we have a rich and interesting dialogue in place regarding the Franconia shooting tragedy, the events that led to it and the events that have followed. Some -- but by no means all -- of these events have been discussed in Casey Sherman's "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

One thing I know that Casey did not discuss was the fact that respected and untainted Sugar Hill/Franconia retire LE Brad Whipple had told Franconia to fire Bruce McKay 5 years before the tragedy occurred. Watch Brad, Casey and me in the videos at the bottom of the Bad Blood launch party blog entry a couple of weeks ago.

As a former Assistant Attorney General myself, I am honored to present at Mr. McNeil's classes on Wednesday, 18 November 2009.

I. Brief intro by George
II. I will show this clip and ask if anyone has any informal opinions about what they see.

III. I will show what Ayotte AG's office left out with respect to:
A. Floyd background.
B. McKay background.
C. Day/date/time in question, Kelly Ayotte Deviations from norm.
D. Focus on that second microphone.

IV. Take more questions.

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