Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Senator Brown and Howie Carr: Please investigate Martha Coakley's Division of Banks railroading of Cat Gibbons. Now.

Dear Senator Brown:

We have mutual friends, some of whom helped you get elected. Their identities will remain between you and me, but you run my name past your people and you will see what I mean. I stopped short of endorsing you for Senator because I don't know you well enough. Here is the Cat Gibbons-Miracle Mortgage case for you to review, there is litigation at the MCAD and before the DOB. I managed a Title Insurance Company and closed +200 loans so I feel qualified to comment on this matter.

Martha Coakley and her promises and (in)actions I knew well enough to say "No."

I will not tolerate people coming to TOUCH FM at the last minute to look for black votes when they are in trouble. As a seasoned Civil Rights professional with top ranking from Masters in Criminal Justice Website, I can promise you that this issue will not go away until someone like you does the Right Thing. Now is your time to shine.

Peace and Good Luck in your new position as a Civil Rights leader -- the day after Martin Luther King Day -- to fill the shoes of Senator Ted Kennedy. I respect the fact that you did not grandstand during MLK day, and I will respect you more when you take action on this pending case.

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