Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scenes from North Country as Governor Lynch blames former AG for budget crisis; $140M deficit, or Kelly Ayotte says “Let them eat brioche!”

"........I have had it with Kelly Ayotte and her ineffectual actions as NH Attorney General,”
belted embattled Governor and multimillionaire John Lynch, regarding his erstwhile corporate cohort and big business dupe Kelly Ayotte.

Well, okay he didn’t say that but one could certainly see why he could and should say that. Look at Kelly Ayotte’s checkered past as an AAG: DNA reporting violations, a Big Loss and Attorney Fees in the Planned Parenthood case, a complete coverup on the Franconia Shooting tragedy that left crime writer Casey Sherman, retired LE Brad Whipple and KingCast all calling for a real investigation. Watch all the videos here.

Little did you know that the New Hampshire Union Leader cannot let their “Person of the Year,” a/k/a AG Doofus extraordinaire Kelly Ayotte do anything wrong, so even in today’s cover story on gambling and the budget crisis, there’s no real mention of the FACT that Kelly Ayotte was dead wrong on $110M worth of money that was erroneously earmarked as I noted in the last post.

By the way, that last post noted Bruce McKay’s curiously blatant violations of town Police SOPs during the last moments of his life.

Here’s a good, solid documented history of her error-filled reign as AG, note to self: Don’t let me forget the ethics violations on Open Records Law if that’s not in there.
Meanwhile, hopefully Troop F can chase down these traffic offenders rolling down the highway off the back of a tailgate at 65mph. Or perhaps they will leave that to Darwin.

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