Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

KingCast says "Happy Birthday Liko Kenney."

We still got your back, Man. Totally.

On Casey's end with the movie there's still no consensus as to who should be you. I'll talk to your father about it today and see if he has any suggestions. Also, Martha McLeod is a royal jerk, she's all pissed-off because I called her hubby on the mat in the Jig is Up post.
-The KingCaster.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

KingCast tells legislative loser and waste product Martha McLeod: I will sue your ass for Defamation. Wait for it.

Miss Martha, you published the following comment to third parties:

"I was personally subjected to threats of physical and sexual violence by members of this community and their supporters, like Chris King, the last time this bill was debated."

Sexual violence, what about Bruce McKay and his Penis-shaped knife and the 10 page complaint from Ms. B (see item 13) that Chief Montminy and Selectmen ignored. Was your hubby a Selectman then? Was he a Selectman when Angela McKay filed for that Restraining Order? Did you try to help her?

You are a deceitful, despicable legislator and I will sue you for Defamation. You put up or shut up. If you had any such threats from me you would have come after me like your idiot friend Kelly Ayotte, who tried and FAILED.

Also you told a lie about State Rep Gionet, maybe he'll sue your ass too.

That's all you need to know right now, I will publish the full text of your tirade later. I don't know who you think you're [expletive deleted] with, but you are one Bad Apple, a rotten pig, and we're not the two and I'm not the one. You're all pissed-off because I called your hubby on the mat in the Jig is Up post.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

KingCast says the Caleb Macaulay GSR test conclusively proves that former NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Gregory Floyd are lying scumbags.

Sooooo.....In a recent post I schooled a tool on Gunshot Residue and why it is important in this case. We see that Caleb Macaulay was indeed administered this GSR test that undoubtedly turned up NEGATIVE. That means that Gregory Floyd did not lean into the window and speak to Liko Kenney. Cpl. Mckay never fired his weapon as the Official Report claims. This is important because Floyd twice said that he never spoke to Liko Kenney before shooting and his son said the same thing as noted in the Casey Sherman Bad Blood book launch videos at the bottom of this post, or simply watch Casey agree with me in the top video here. From a reader came this comment today:
Floyd is a lying peice of garbage. He fired on Liko before he ran over Cpl. Mckay. Not to say it was ok for LIKO to shoot the corporal four times. I have first hand knowledge that the corporal never fired his weapon. I also have 1st hand knowledge Floyd fired before the Corporal was run over. Why wasn't Floyd charged with tampering with a crime scene for taking home a live round? (KingCast says read Officer Deadly Force Policy IV B(f) from this post).

KingCast says.....I dunno.... same reason he wasn't charged under RSA RSA 641:3 as former NH AG Peter Heed agrees for:

Lying about his son's age,
2. Lying about the FACT that he never reached into the window or spoke to Liko Kenney before he murdered him, IMO. You need to read my post from 6 Dec. 2008 about all of this, and how it ties into the Michael Paulhus police shooting in Nashua that resulted in a lawsuit.

These are the same reasons that Kelly Ayotte -- the lying scumbag former NH AG -- never accounted for the four (4) extra gunshots from Bruce McKay's gun that Floyd was using to terrorize Caleb Macaulay as he sat out there on 116 Indian style.

These are the same reasons Kelly Ayotte withheld all of this negative and relevant information about him as she rushed to preconceived judgment in 24 hours.

And of course there was no analysis of the windshield bullet as noted herein.

Negrodamus says.... With the added publicity of Casey Sherman's movie adaptation it's all going to come out, and with any luck it will help ruin her chances at a U.S. Senate Run and any other public position of trust.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

KingCast says, "Cool cats win, bad cops lose" as SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway goes to full NH House with 19-0 recommendation to table it.

I believe the phrase is "inexpedient to legislate." Whatever the case, it is doubtful that the Full House will vote for passage when it comes before them. I'll get a date on that for you. Meanwhile, the seminal KingCast cool casts post has all the relevant testimony you need to know about. Take a look.

Viewpoint-based First Amendment Discrimination.
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