Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, May 27, 2010

KingCast and Calendonian Record's Robert Blechl say "Lupines are out and Martha McLeod is about to be sued by Edmond Gionet!"

The entire text is in the comments section at Chris King's 1st Amendment Page, but for now dig this:
In a May 3 statement to the House of Representatives, Gionet stated he never met with McKay on either a personal or professional basis and believes he has been "defamed and falsely accused of a criminal act in attempting to fix a speeding ticket."

Gionet, who said in his letter he will seek damages as prescribed by law, provided a stamped copy of his driving record from the NH DMV that shows a clean record and no infractions.

On May 4, Gionet and Chandler drafted a letter to NCHC's board of directors as well as to Nick Toumpas, NH Dept of Health and Human Services commissioner, informing them that a "vicious and possibly slanderous e-mail" was sent through NCHC by McLeod. Gionet and Chandler state McLeod's e-mail "crosses over the line" and "reverts to lies and slander in an attempt to gain revenge, in anger, over a vote that did not go as she had anticipated."

I told you about failed State Rep Martha McLeod and her baseless accusations against Representative Gionet in this post:
KingCast tells legislative loser and waste product Martha McLeod: I will sue your ass for Defamation. Wait for it. which she also accused me and others of
"threats of physical and sexual violence."

She mentioned the KingCaster by name, so you know I've had an impact, she just wishes that it was some kind of illegal impact but in reality the only illegalities involved are most likely coming from her and hubby Rich, LOL.

.......Well that and the illegalities that Bruce McKay may have occasioned when he was "hell bent for Leather" that's an inside joke that's not very funny, but is instead very serious for those of us who consider importuning suspects for sex to be unlawful. Again, my sources have never been wrong, not once.

Anyway I'm just gonna' sit back, chill out, ride the 650R around and catch some rays at the beach, work on my tan and watch this unfold, then use it in my lawsuit against this hateful, misguided nitwit. Remember when protectionist Judge Timothy Vaughn threw out my lawsuit against McLeod seeking her emails about failed HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway without a hearing or anything, well let's see him try to do that to State Rep Gionet, he's in position Vaughn can't play him out-the-pocket like that, hahahaaaa....

Hahahaaa....... Liko Kenney's lawsuit is about much more than Kelly Ayotte and the Town of Franconia's coverups in that isolated case. It's about an entire amoral or immoral value system that has been superimposed on the Good People of the North Country by soulless and corrupt politicians and LE who treat those good people as white n*****s. And I won't have anybody treated as n*****, it's not cool.

Above: Enjoy the KingCast minute with the McLeods and see hubby Rick McLeod in caricature in my new North Country video, "Bowfinger or Bad Blood3, Aiyana and Ayotte, Read about Rich and Defendant Mark Montminy's dereliction of duties in this post.

KingCast: Reel news for real people.

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