Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, May 14, 2010

KingCast HD roundup: Hawken School, Trent Berry and protectionism by Judge Timothy Vaughan in KingCast v. Ayotte/Franconia RSA 91-A lawsuit.

Remember how the Littleton Courier read the same Order from Judge Vaughn that I read, and we came to the same conclusion: NH AG Kelly Ayotte and/or the town of Franconia owed me reasonable costs from my RSA 91-A lawsuit? Well how come it never happened, that makes no sense. Just another piece of protectionism from Judge Vaughn, who has LE ties in his background, I'm pretty sure of that, will check my sources again tomorrow, but even if he doesn't, his non-order of payment violates the letter and spirit of his own Decision.


Dirty dirty dirty and they tried to keep it from the public and largely succeeded.

Jeepers..... U.S. Senate hopeful and big business dupe Kelly illegally withheld her investigation protocol for homicides. Nice.

Regarding the video of the 5/11 dash cam:

[KingCast] may copy the original video under supervision of custodial police authority.

And the AG's office got dinged for failing to provide protocol regarding homicide investigations:
"The Court has reviewed the cases and affidavits on which the Attorney General's office relied in originally denying the Petitioner access to its protocols for investigation of a homicide and finds that such withholding was not justified."

As KingCast requested, the State was ordered to provide some Affidavits as to the validity and depth of their purported searches for information, which is good:

As to the Troy Watts Complaint against Bruce McKay (here it is, and to KingCast one of the 3 most important issues) the Court wrote:
"In this case, the Petitioner has demonstrated several positive indications of materials that were not located in the search, including Attorney Watts' statement as to the existence of his complaint against Officer McKay, and a document that may be the requested police report, inadvertently disclosed (KingCast is in possession of what appears to be a police report that Franconia claimed not to have!)
The Franconia Defendants must therefore undertake another search, since this search lacks indicia of reasonableness...."

KingCast: Reel news for real people.

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