Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

KingCast HD visit to Hawken School, lawsuit commemorate 3rd Anniversary of the Franconia shooting tragedy and attendant coverup by NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

Soooo.......iPhone update: A lawsuit has been filed. I haven't seen it nor do I know the particulars but it will all be shown to me shortly, and of course should be part of Casey Sherman's Bad Blood Movie screenplay.

These videos are part of yesterday's visit to Hawken School and two of the KingCast "Bowfinger or Bad Blood" short films that document one of the biggest coverups in New Hampshire Law Enforcement history, almost rivaling the Dow Murders situation in which NH LE Richard Dow most assuredly murdered his wife and adoptive son.

Today is the third year anniversary of one of the biggest police and community tragedies in New Hampshire History. It started out as a morning in which I was actually praising former NH AG Kelly Ayotte in this post, only to be called in to investigate the Franconia shooting tragedy involving Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and multiple-felon Gregory Floyd.

I reflected on this matter yesterday during my impromptu visit to Hawken School’s Lower School campus because I am thankful for my ability to Make a Change in our World. Very few children have the kind of luck and circumstance to be raised in an environment where they are taught to believe in themselves while being presented with the tools to sustain that belief. I know for example that Liko Kenney didn’t receive the kind of attention to his learning disabilities (dyslexia) that he needed, despite his mother’s best attempts.

But in my instance, my trackers indicate that scores of people are reading this blog as they watch and download my short films and documents. Many of these downloads are related to former NH State Rep Martha McLeod and Kelly Ayotte and her ongoing pattern of deceit (see the FRM Ponzi scam deleted emails post) as she heads toward the U.S. Senate election. The haters keep on hating, and I keep on doing what I want to do, riding my little 650R about town, be it videotaping lies in the Revere MA Dan Talbot Police Murder trial or tennis with John McEnroe, busting the Boston Herald, Jessica Van Sack and Channel 7 for Defamation and CORI violations, exposing Citibank and counsel as liars, engaging youth in my nonprofit endeavors or representing the voice of many people in Franconia who feel they have been left out of the picture by major media.

The Today Show right now is discussing “Making A Difference” as a segment that will be shown on today’s evening news. For me it’s not about a segment. It’s my entire life, and nobody is going to stop me from doing it, as Judge and Gubernatorial ticket Candidate Yvette McGee Brown is well aware, full KingCast video on her visit to Antioch Church coming this week. The Hawken visit video – an ode to my parents and to Lake Erie Silver Dolphins and Hawken swim coach Jerry Holtrey – will appear in this post sometime this week and replace the raw clip posted herein.
With that, have a great day. I will. I always do :)

KingCast: Some people like to joke at me, but I'm not as funny as my classmate Molly Shannon, I'm just Reel news for real people. Hall Kirkham '83 gets the picture.

Related video: Liko Kenney speaks on life in North Country.

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