Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Sunday, May 23, 2010

KingCast presents Bowfinger or Bad Blood 3: Aiyana and Ayotte; Liko Kenney lawsuit against Floyd, Franconia.

Martin Luther King; Attorney Fieger:
Peace isn’t the absence of violence, peace is the presence of Justice.......Tension will get worse if people believe they’ve been lied to……

Liko Kenney and Aiyana Stanley-Jones were both victims of police abuse. In Liko’s case it took form over the course of several years. In Aiyana’s case it just took a few hours for reckless corporate media to become complicit in her death, a tragedy stoked by the fires of sensationalism.

In Liko’s case the major media conspired with LE to make it appear that Liko had no grounds to tell McKay in 2003 that he could not keep him there at Fox Hill Park (just out of eyesight from where I am sitting right now) without Good Cause. Yes he was too boisterous but he was CORRECT and did not deserve to be taken down when he was the one asking for other officers in the first place!

As we know, Littleton District Judge Peter Cyr (Mr. "No-Knock raid" himself) DISMISSED other cases from the exact same time period because egress was cut off without Probable Cause, see para. 6. Any notion that McKay was "lenient" at sentencing was bogus -- he was "lenient" because he got away with violating Liko Kenney's Fourth Amendment Rights. I could continue, and I will. But not now. For now just watch this movie and the first two Bowfinger or Bad Blood short films.

Reporting live from Franconia,
KingCast: Reel news for real people.

PS: As to Mark Taylor being named, something tells me (I dunno, perhaps my experience in successfully prosecuting Monell/Police Civil Rights cases and having police found liable for making Michael Isreal a victim of violent crime) that if he did what I believe he did, he'll get weeded out of it ;)

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