Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Saturday, July 31, 2010

KingCast, Daily Item prove DA Dan Conley and Jake Wark are not racists, they will Unconstitutionally deny any journalists that get under their skin.

Update...... I forgot about my taped January, 2009 phone call with Jake Wark about this, before he and DA Conley got nasty with me.

Sooooo....I wrote a comment to Robin Kaminski's Daily Item story and I presume it will appear on their page later. I didn't bother suing for the video myself because I knew the Item was on it, and I also knew it doesn't show too much. That having been said, I think I will go watch it now too just to make sure. Anyway, remember as you can see in the second video, DA Conley rudely and unprofessionally refused to answer a simple question I posed to him while his sidekick PeeWee Herman/Jake Wark laughed like a damn hyena -- despite the fact that I only had good things to say about him on this blog to that point. Well you asked for it, guys, so now you get it.
Conley’s office repeatedly denied the newspaper’s request, citing investigatory exemptions that suggested releasing the video would compromise the integrity of the investigation. Conley agreed to release the footage Tuesday if The Item dismissed its litigation.

“We have agreed, through our attorney Peter J. Caruso Sr., of North Andover, to drop this legal action against the Suffolk County DA’s office now that they have produced the footage that we have always maintained was public information,” Daily Item President and Publisher Peter H. Gamage said.

Related: More lies from key witnesses Derek Lodie and Michael Picardi + Lodie's pending Attempted Murder trial for events that occurred 3 days prior to the Dan Talbot Tragedy. Had Revere PD not been mired in abject failure and following the deceitful framing of an innocent man, Talbot would be alive today and Robert Iacoviello would be a free man. Read more at this post and this post.

Go ahead Jake, laugh some more. Oh, no, wait.... my turn.

KingCast follow up on Big Dig urban blight #2: Colliers, Meredith & Grew and F.D. Candelieri clean up!

On the Peace Out picture, you just can't compose it any better, it's uncanny. And the chill thing is, it just happened that way. I'm a rhythm photographer not a blast photographer, so I just wait for the natural and there it is. Lookit how the blokes are all in the Right Position, the trash can is even in the right place, in front of the door, and the angle of the broom in it echoes the shovel leaning against the dumpster, nice.

This will eventually be the third of three KingCast short films documenting the cleanup of a much-neglected area of Boston's Southie/Dorchester neighborhood. Y'all remember the second video (on top) in which the CMG promised me they would be out with the quickness, and guess what?

That was no Word of a Lie. Movie over the weekend, raw video in a few minutes.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

KingCast, the IPhone, NESR and Scoot on up! score a major philosophical victory: Free, "No-Angle" parking in Boston!

I told you a year ago (New England Street Riders letter included) that I liked Boston Traffic Tzar Tom Tinlin, it was in the way he presented himself as an earnest public servant, and how he shot me a peace sign when I whipped into traffic on the 650R after this impromptu interview at a Statehouse Scoot on up! rally.

Today's Boston Globe coverage.

Note that the parking spots are free $0.25 to scooters and motorcycles, which rewards the use of efficient transportation. I understand that the Boston Law Firm of Brown, Rudnick is going to start riding a fleet of 650R's as well. Really.

Heck between the No Angle victory and the Toxic Big Dig garbage clean up in my backyard, I'm batting a thousand this week! Reel News for Real People.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

KingCast encourages new NH AG Michael Delaney not to follow in the footsteps of his dirtbag predecessor, Kelly Ayotte: Investigate for Michael Holman

Here's your background about a dirty AG cum U.S. Senate Candidate Kelly Ayotte and a brown brother, black man who has most definitely been screwed over by the NH Establishment.

Now Attorney Delaney and AAG Rebecca Woodward will have to decide whether to forge and take the high road or continue to snake along the dirt path paved by Kelly.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

KingCast observes: Franconia knew Bruce McKay was lying and threatening motorists with OC Spray back in 1997; did nothing about it.

Bruce_McKay_OC_Spray_Abuse_1997 Yep, and it was yet another heinous offense....of a missing inspection sticker...... No HB1428 or SB154 roadway for Defendant Norman Bruce McKay, the document is coming in a minute, here are the related videos and the video from last weekend's Hayseed Bluegrass Festival, which contains some very telling community commentary and documents about the sordid history of Bruce McKay's reign of terror in Franconia. I look forward to watching the lawyers do battle over Discovery in the coming months.

Check the Cool Cats blog post series.
"Why was pepper spray pulled out on me?" Bruce said "I didn't pull any pepper spray," and I said to Bruce, "You're a liar." Then to Bret (Beausoleil) "I'm getting back in my car. You go in the Village Store and ask anyone who was watching if Bruce pulled out his pepper spray and aimed it at me." Bruce then spoke up and siad "Well maybe I did." At this point I said "I'd like to know why a weapon was pulled on me for an uninspected vehicle....."

Bonus: Defendant Sergeant Mark Taylor warned Defendant Montminy about Defendant Bruce McKay.
Double Bonus: More complaints about Bruce McKay, gun drawn for "terrorists" who were really "tourists."

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

KingCast: Reel News for Real People.

Monday, July 19, 2010

KingCast sees Martha McLeod try to politicize her Defamation against State Rep. Gionet, she's unethical and dumber than a box of rocks.

documentinfo.aspx?id=113572 Martha, Martha, Martha.... Bruce, Bruce, Bruce..... You idiot, you cannot attempt to politicize the fact that you likely Defamed State Rep. Edmond Gionet (and me, claiming something about physical and sexual threats I allegedly made toward you). If you have some proof that he tried to fix a ticket with Bruce McKay then you flush it out, prove it, then make your allegations that he is unfit to be a Legislator. But you don't have much, if any, proof, so you went the shit-show route and are now trying to get area Dems to back you in your defense against State Rep. Gionet's reasonable lawsuit against you.

And behavior like that is precisely why you got flushed out of public service.

-The KingCaster.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

KingCast presents: A movie for Franconia -- Bowfinger, Bluegrass or Bad Blood.

18 July, 2010
Franconia NH –
For immediate release presents the Fourth short film in its “Bowfinger or Bad Blood” series about history of government malfeasance that led to the Franconia shooting tragedy of May 11, 2007 that took the lives of Liko Kenney and Norman Bruce Mckay and the community’s reaction to it.

This is perhaps my favorite Franconia short film including the original one over at the KingCast movie page because of its balance between art, entertainment and politics. The point is made but the viewer gets a chance to relax at the same time, and to catch a glimpse of what the people of Franconia are all about, and its not all about being anti-cop, etc. etc. blah blah blah as some would have you believe.

I told the entire Free World three years ago that I was the only film maker authorized by the family of Liko Kenney to shoot, edit and produce movies about this tragedy, although they (and I) most certainly welcome any and all earnest attempts by anyone, including but not limited to Casey Sherman to raise consciousness about this situation.

For more information on the problem with some Franconia LE, read here.
For more information on the Bowfinger or Bad Blood video series read here.
For more information on Casey Sherman’s book launch and raw video of his bookstore tour for “Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains,” read here.

‘Bout time to hit a tennis ball, drain a beer and ride the Kancamagus.

KingCast: Reel News for Real People.

Bonus: To watch video about a really disturbing $1.7M Civil Rights case (Scott Hyman/Don & Julie Prescott v. Lakeville Hemlock Association) read here.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

KingCast tells NH Attorney Ken Barnes: "Martha McLeod is a clueless dirtbag former legislator who has no clue about the Law of Defamation."

First of all, she claims that she "only" published it to 12 people in the Legislature. Guess what? That only goes to damages, Martha... you idiot. So what if you "only" lied to 12 Legislators, you made the comment without any sort of Executive Privilege, and you're still a stinking liar and quite deceitful, same way you went behind the backs of the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee folks to initiate failed HB 1428, see generally "Cool Cats" series, infra.

Second, I don't believe her. Gionet must demand all of her emails, public and private within the relevant timeframe. I couldn't get them in my lawsuit but I'll betcha' he can. Judge Vaughn can't run that same game he ran on me, hahahaaa....

Third, it was still imminently foreseeable that future publication would ensue (pardon the play on words, hahahaaa...).

Fourth, she also lied about me: as she accused me and others of
"threats of physical and sexual violence."

I could continue but as I said I'll just sit back and wait in the cutty for Judicial Committee member Bill O'Brien to work his magic on this dirtbag, then use the discovery when I sue her. Funny how Karma works, note that another dirtbag cop from the North Country died recently, better not try to name a road after him or there will be hell to pay, see the "Cool Cats" posts.

Prior KingCast coverage:
Edmond Gionet sues.
Lupines are out, Edmond Gionet is about to sue Martha Mcleod (with the full McLeod Defamation).

Martha, Martha, Martha, you crack me up. You make me laugh so hard I could barely finish my newest KingCast Motorsports video on the 650R, "Welcome to Sprockets!"

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

KingCast presents in honor of Bastille Day: The Original KingCaster!

Note: The first real movie my father took me to was Papillon, when I was about 8 years old. My father and I never walked the traditional subservient path lain out for most negroes who made their way up to the North in the great black diaspora of the 1950's, although he did end up working for about 40 years for a bunch of scumbags formerly known as Diamond Shamrock. He eventually become a certified chemist in the early 80's, the first black to do that there. My mother worked for another corporate behemoth as an HR Specialist, and they were the first blacks to be doing what they were doing in their respective fields at their companies and damn near anywhere else in Cleveland. We were one of the first black families in our area of Cleveland Heights in 1970, yes there was related litigation, Heights Community Congress v. Hilltop Realty, not going into that now look it up if you want.

.......And that in turn paved the way for Yours Truly to go to prep school (Hawken video) to bring you KingCastic events and trial coverage and commentary as no one else does, at least not here in New England I've never seen anything like it. It also led me to meet my old friend and former Hawken debate teammate Josh Breslau, who unfortunately has left Boston for California after his Post-Doc at Harvard. See I believe that's Dr. Lawrence Breslau (RIP) sitting next to my father in the late 50's at Cleveland's Hanna Pavilion (photo actually Jan 1963), where he was the first black orderly. Nowadays they got nigra' doctors and stuff, but back then, you had to build your way up from working on a cleaning contract with my Uncle to even be an orderly. Look how smiling and happy he was before I showed up in '65, LOL!!!

Taking a break for a few days from the Courtroom crap, it kills you if you don't let up on it every now and then. Meanwhile I'll be working on the new bike video on last week's trip to East Coast Motors for a new chain & sprocket set on the 650R (ER-6) later this morning after an inline skate.

PS: I think I like the late 50's early 60's style the most, what an era. And no I don't know why my Uncle looks like he just bit into a lemon, sorry Unc I gotcha' LOL :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

KingCast observes: Kelly Ayotte, happily married, still screws black men: Ralph Holder, Michael Holman, Christopher King.

Michael Holman's son was in a coma after his opiate-afflicted mother allowed him to ride a bicycle without a helmet. But when he fought for custody Kelly Ayotte and her band of legal misfits launched a massive smear campaign against the guy, false arrests and false accusations, the whole nine yards. Now a Congressman has begun a formal inquiry into the actions of NH lawmakers.
NH AG refuses to reinvestigate. The mother was found guilty of Physical Neglect as my son almost died after being hit by a car. She publicly stated in Newspaper that she told Ryan to put on a helmet before the crash. She has admitted this to be a lie. She owned no helmet..... FULL STORY HERE, total violation of 42 U.S.C. 1983/1985.

Ralph Holder (background) went through some similar shenanigans.
Like Michael Holman, the exercise of my constitutional rights in a child custody case led to being targeted by NH and federal law enforcement officials for challenging a racially motivated custody ruling that implicated the NH Family and Supreme Courts of RACISM. I was falsely arrested for threatening state and federal court and law enforcement officials. The district court found there was no crime, no threat and that the State could not meet any of the elements of the crime charged.

And of course we all remember Kelly Ayotte and that idiot cop Martin Dunn making a run at me when I was NAACP Legal Chair of New Hampshire, Cases DISMISSED. And you better believe they tried to arrest me, revoke bail, all of that crap. We kicked their asses each and every step of the way, my lawyer -- whom I got because of my prior hard work with another lawyer he knew -- is current President of the Manchester Bar Association, thanks David :)

Not only is she a feckless AG ( She lost $110M on the Tuttle/JUA Insurance cases. 09-E-148 & 09-E-151), she is a Big Business Dupe. I reported the forgery of my name to a mortgage that was sent out for funding from WAMU IIRC (that's called wire fraud) and she ignored it. And look at her real record as thoroughly documented by Yours Truly -- and note the ongoing FRM Ponzi scam with video -- she's also a race hater. And unfortunately she's leading in the polls against other candidates who lack the sack to really expose the legacy of the horrible public official, lest they be considered soft on crime.

Meanwhile Kelly Ayotte has been enforcing the Unconstitutional forced juvenile DNA reporting in RSA 651-C until busted by the ACLU and one of my readers.

The Real Crime is that Kelly Ayotte stands in any position to be in any public office.

Also, run a search for any of our cases against Ayotte. You won't find a thing, even though I know for FACT that Judge Vaughn issued rulings in my favor (Littleton Courier) in KingCast v. Ayotte & Franconia..... New Hampshire is one dirty little state, which is a shame because they hold the first primary, and common folks there are typically great people. John Lynch is a Dirty Dem, another millionaire Big Business Dupe, you got THAT right.
KingCast: Reel News for Real People.

Friday, July 9, 2010

As KingCast promised, State Rep. Gionet sues feckless, deceitful lying hussy Martha McLeod, KingCast to wait and use their Discovery in his Action.

Okay first see this morning's post with some of the less-published damning documents about Bruce McKay's sketchy history and the town's knowledge of same, and then watch me and others testify as the State House properly rejected SB 154. That's why Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains Author and Screenplay writer Casey Sherman told my mother he was all amped-up over my work on this case. But don't take my word for it, read it for yourselves.

Then read Rep Gionet's 8 Jan 2008 email to KingCast, "I'm glad you surfaced....."

Soooo.....I told y'all back on 27 May:
27 May 2010

KingCast and Calendonian Record's Robert Blechl say "Lupines are out and Martha McLeod is about to be sued by Edmond Gionet!"

Hahahahaa..... Hahahaaaa... revenge is a dish best served through a licensed New Hampshire politician. Hell yah State Rep. Gionet and I discussed the matter, and he had help from attorneys in the Legislature.

Here's the post that describes it all, and it all goes back to Martha McLeod being a deceitful, lying hussy legislator on HB 1428 and on SB 154, she used her email address from another employer to circulate the current false and vitriolic statements, with Actual Malice and Reckless disregard for their truth, that State Rep. Gionet was peeved at Bruce McKay because McKay wrote him a ticket, and that I was involved with people who were physically threatening her and making sexual threats.

She's lost her friggin' mind, watch my short film above about her and her hear and smell no-evil hubby.

See I'm laughing my ass off because I sued her for her emails a coupla' years ago on a directly related issue and protectionist Judge Timothy Vaughn tossed my case out as soon as he could, and because I didn't Motion for Oral Argument as I did in the first lawsuit of KingCast v. Ayotte & Town of Franconia (seen on YouTube video, I'll post a link later) he was more than happy to sweep it under the rug.

KingCast says: That won't happen this time. Hahahaaa... Hahahaa..... Hahaha.... published only in hard copy and pay-to-play over at the UL Website, imagine them making the public pay to discover McLeod's sleez-ball antics.....

Libel suit filed in controversy to rename highway for McKay
State representative sues former lawmaker.


New Hampshire Union Leader

It’s spurred legislation. It’s divided the town of Franconia. Now the push to rename Route 18 in honor of slain Franconia police Cpl. Bruce McKay has factored in a lawsuit.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

KingCast says Sgt. Taylor clearly told Franconia Police Chief Mark Montminy Bruce McKay was "hostile or confrontational," and "cautioned McKay...."

"This officer cautioned Cpl. McKay about this demeanor as it has caused him problems in the past."

Precisely, and this is why they banned him from Lisbon and Montminy knew McKay was abusing his privileges and wrote him the directive back in 1999 so they knew this guy had issues. Further, jump forward to 2005 (in addition to the other complaints against McKay, including the "penis-shaped knife complaint" from Ms. B read para 13 from the Bad Blood book launch), this is why former Franconia and Sugar Hill LE Brad Whipple noted in several KingCast short films with Bad Blood Author Casey Sherman that Bruce McKay was a danger and liability to the community, the department and to himself.

But don't take my word for any of this, watch the video and read the documents yourself. Some folks like to say I interject myself into stories too much, and blah blah blah blah blah.... to that I say "When you've managed a weekly, written for a large daily, been an Assistant Attorney General and private attorney, when you have tried, won, lost and settled Civil Rights cases, when you've successfully sued under FOIA or Right-to-Know, and when you've made your own videos documenting your points of view, then, and only then, should you be commenting in deprecatory manner. If you don't like what I do or how I do it, go do it yourself or STFU, simple. I'm All Set."

Read these Bruce McKay complaints and watch more video here. Liko Kenney, we will expose the Truth my brother.

What a shame that former NH AG Kelly Ayotte, who presided over one of the most flawed and corrupt homicide "investigations" in the Free World, may actually become a U.S. Senator. Between now and then she will be KingCasted, when she least expects it.

PS: An interesting December, 2007 post about KingCast v. Ayotte & Franconia RSA 91-A litigation.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

KingCast sees Fox 25 punk out on Scott Hyman/Julie & Don Prescott v. Hemlock Association coverage.

As the video shows, the Globe and Fox 25 were both there a couple of years ago. Then I know for fact they were notified of the pending trial and of the landmark $1.7M verdict. The Globe is supposed to be publishing a Sunday feature story next week 11 July, having verified the verdict I published here last week.

As to Fox: Whatever guys, so much for your allegiance to Justice and to the Fourth Estate.

Here's the main blog entry, "Neighbors!"
KingCast: Real news for real people, never a sellout.