Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, July 9, 2010

As KingCast promised, State Rep. Gionet sues feckless, deceitful lying hussy Martha McLeod, KingCast to wait and use their Discovery in his Action.

Okay first see this morning's post with some of the less-published damning documents about Bruce McKay's sketchy history and the town's knowledge of same, and then watch me and others testify as the State House properly rejected SB 154. That's why Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains Author and Screenplay writer Casey Sherman told my mother he was all amped-up over my work on this case. But don't take my word for it, read it for yourselves.

Then read Rep Gionet's 8 Jan 2008 email to KingCast, "I'm glad you surfaced....."

Soooo.....I told y'all back on 27 May:
27 May 2010

KingCast and Calendonian Record's Robert Blechl say "Lupines are out and Martha McLeod is about to be sued by Edmond Gionet!"

Hahahahaa..... Hahahaaaa... revenge is a dish best served through a licensed New Hampshire politician. Hell yah State Rep. Gionet and I discussed the matter, and he had help from attorneys in the Legislature.

Here's the post that describes it all, and it all goes back to Martha McLeod being a deceitful, lying hussy legislator on HB 1428 and on SB 154, she used her email address from another employer to circulate the current false and vitriolic statements, with Actual Malice and Reckless disregard for their truth, that State Rep. Gionet was peeved at Bruce McKay because McKay wrote him a ticket, and that I was involved with people who were physically threatening her and making sexual threats.

She's lost her friggin' mind, watch my short film above about her and her hear and smell no-evil hubby.

See I'm laughing my ass off because I sued her for her emails a coupla' years ago on a directly related issue and protectionist Judge Timothy Vaughn tossed my case out as soon as he could, and because I didn't Motion for Oral Argument as I did in the first lawsuit of KingCast v. Ayotte & Town of Franconia (seen on YouTube video, I'll post a link later) he was more than happy to sweep it under the rug.

KingCast says: That won't happen this time. Hahahaaa... Hahahaa..... Hahaha.... published only in hard copy and pay-to-play over at the UL Website, imagine them making the public pay to discover McLeod's sleez-ball antics.....

Libel suit filed in controversy to rename highway for McKay
State representative sues former lawmaker.


New Hampshire Union Leader

It’s spurred legislation. It’s divided the town of Franconia. Now the push to rename Route 18 in honor of slain Franconia police Cpl. Bruce McKay has factored in a lawsuit.

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