Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Saturday, July 31, 2010

KingCast, Daily Item prove DA Dan Conley and Jake Wark are not racists, they will Unconstitutionally deny any journalists that get under their skin.

Update...... I forgot about my taped January, 2009 phone call with Jake Wark about this, before he and DA Conley got nasty with me.

Sooooo....I wrote a comment to Robin Kaminski's Daily Item story and I presume it will appear on their page later. I didn't bother suing for the video myself because I knew the Item was on it, and I also knew it doesn't show too much. That having been said, I think I will go watch it now too just to make sure. Anyway, remember as you can see in the second video, DA Conley rudely and unprofessionally refused to answer a simple question I posed to him while his sidekick PeeWee Herman/Jake Wark laughed like a damn hyena -- despite the fact that I only had good things to say about him on this blog to that point. Well you asked for it, guys, so now you get it.
Conley’s office repeatedly denied the newspaper’s request, citing investigatory exemptions that suggested releasing the video would compromise the integrity of the investigation. Conley agreed to release the footage Tuesday if The Item dismissed its litigation.

“We have agreed, through our attorney Peter J. Caruso Sr., of North Andover, to drop this legal action against the Suffolk County DA’s office now that they have produced the footage that we have always maintained was public information,” Daily Item President and Publisher Peter H. Gamage said.

Related: More lies from key witnesses Derek Lodie and Michael Picardi + Lodie's pending Attempted Murder trial for events that occurred 3 days prior to the Dan Talbot Tragedy. Had Revere PD not been mired in abject failure and following the deceitful framing of an innocent man, Talbot would be alive today and Robert Iacoviello would be a free man. Read more at this post and this post.

Go ahead Jake, laugh some more. Oh, no, wait.... my turn.

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