Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Saturday, July 31, 2010

KingCast follow up on Big Dig urban blight #2: Colliers, Meredith & Grew and F.D. Candelieri clean up!

On the Peace Out picture, you just can't compose it any better, it's uncanny. And the chill thing is, it just happened that way. I'm a rhythm photographer not a blast photographer, so I just wait for the natural and there it is. Lookit how the blokes are all in the Right Position, the trash can is even in the right place, in front of the door, and the angle of the broom in it echoes the shovel leaning against the dumpster, nice.

This will eventually be the third of three KingCast short films documenting the cleanup of a much-neglected area of Boston's Southie/Dorchester neighborhood. Y'all remember the second video (on top) in which the CMG promised me they would be out with the quickness, and guess what?

That was no Word of a Lie. Movie over the weekend, raw video in a few minutes.

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