Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Saturday, July 10, 2010

KingCast observes: Kelly Ayotte, happily married, still screws black men: Ralph Holder, Michael Holman, Christopher King.

Michael Holman's son was in a coma after his opiate-afflicted mother allowed him to ride a bicycle without a helmet. But when he fought for custody Kelly Ayotte and her band of legal misfits launched a massive smear campaign against the guy, false arrests and false accusations, the whole nine yards. Now a Congressman has begun a formal inquiry into the actions of NH lawmakers.
NH AG refuses to reinvestigate. The mother was found guilty of Physical Neglect as my son almost died after being hit by a car. She publicly stated in Newspaper that she told Ryan to put on a helmet before the crash. She has admitted this to be a lie. She owned no helmet..... FULL STORY HERE, total violation of 42 U.S.C. 1983/1985.

Ralph Holder (background) went through some similar shenanigans.
Like Michael Holman, the exercise of my constitutional rights in a child custody case led to being targeted by NH and federal law enforcement officials for challenging a racially motivated custody ruling that implicated the NH Family and Supreme Courts of RACISM. I was falsely arrested for threatening state and federal court and law enforcement officials. The district court found there was no crime, no threat and that the State could not meet any of the elements of the crime charged.

And of course we all remember Kelly Ayotte and that idiot cop Martin Dunn making a run at me when I was NAACP Legal Chair of New Hampshire, Cases DISMISSED. And you better believe they tried to arrest me, revoke bail, all of that crap. We kicked their asses each and every step of the way, my lawyer -- whom I got because of my prior hard work with another lawyer he knew -- is current President of the Manchester Bar Association, thanks David :)

Not only is she a feckless AG ( She lost $110M on the Tuttle/JUA Insurance cases. 09-E-148 & 09-E-151), she is a Big Business Dupe. I reported the forgery of my name to a mortgage that was sent out for funding from WAMU IIRC (that's called wire fraud) and she ignored it. And look at her real record as thoroughly documented by Yours Truly -- and note the ongoing FRM Ponzi scam with video -- she's also a race hater. And unfortunately she's leading in the polls against other candidates who lack the sack to really expose the legacy of the horrible public official, lest they be considered soft on crime.

Meanwhile Kelly Ayotte has been enforcing the Unconstitutional forced juvenile DNA reporting in RSA 651-C until busted by the ACLU and one of my readers.

The Real Crime is that Kelly Ayotte stands in any position to be in any public office.

Also, run a search for any of our cases against Ayotte. You won't find a thing, even though I know for FACT that Judge Vaughn issued rulings in my favor (Littleton Courier) in KingCast v. Ayotte & Franconia..... New Hampshire is one dirty little state, which is a shame because they hold the first primary, and common folks there are typically great people. John Lynch is a Dirty Dem, another millionaire Big Business Dupe, you got THAT right.
KingCast: Reel News for Real People.

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