Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kelly Ayotte caught on KingCast video: Refuses to discuss Casey Sherman's book and movie "Bad Blood," threatens to arrest reporter.

This is Bowfinger or Bad Blood 5. Kelly Ayotte and her inner circle of hegemonic warlords gave me the bum's rush and threatened me with arrest even though it was a public event and I offered to pay the $10. That's because she has a history of ignoring Right-to-Know, she never saw to it that a 2006 Report issued, and she was nailed in this Ethics Investigation.

Meanwhile someone asked if I was a bigot, and I duly informed them that I am not, but I asked whether Kelly Ayotte is a bigot, given her close association with fired Jaffrey Police Chief Martin J. Dunn, who:

1. Failed to help blacks feel comfortable in Jaffrey, NH, according to a local business owner.
2. Laughed a hate mail that accused me of being a "coconut head racist... you're about to be bubba's bitch... better get dat vasoline ready." That was during Kelly Ayotte's failed attempt to prosecute me for Unauthorized Practice of Law, just after her idiot LE friend Martin Dunn nol-prossed a bogus case of Attempted Felony Extortion against me after I exposed police abuse under his watch.

It's all here in the seminal Martin Dunn/Kelly Ayotte post, which contains links to last week's NH Supreme Court Pleadings. Seems Dunn and his crooked lawyer Dan Mullen lied about me and several other things that the Court is reviewing now, having corrected some of the lies in an online opinion. Mullen, by they way, was Kelly's waterboy during the failed Planned Parenthood case where Attorney fees were assessed against her.

And pity-party Marty who actually got disability awards pending Supreme Court review claims that I helped contribute to his fail mental and emotional state, even though it was his own peers who called him a "Slime Bag" and "Dipshitz."


But Dunn is Kelly Ayotte's friend and so too is multiple felon Gregory Floyd. While the links have mysteriously disappeared and I'll have to repost the documents, take a look at what she hid about Gregory Floyd's multiple felon past, and how she never explained how the windshield bullet got in Liko Kenney's windshield while clearing the currently-incarcerated creep for the murder of Liko Kenney in just 24 hours.

And look what was really going on with Bully Cop Norman Bruce McKay, look at his history, and Sergeant Mark Taylor admonished him for his dangerous attitude, this is why the NH Legislature refused to name a road way after him, watch my testimony and that of others at SB154 hearings.

Progressive Civil Rights lawyers choose KingCast, check Black, Chapman on the west coast and Atorneys Minchoff and Kuzma, prevailing counsel in last month's $1.7M Scott Hyman anti-Semitic housing case on the East.

Here's Casey Sherman's "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" book launch, Dorothy Aufiero is the movie's Producer and here is Bad Blood2, with Casey Sherman, retired Franconia and Sugar Hill LE Brad Whipple and I, Your Humble Narrator:

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