Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

KingCast asks WBZ and Senator Tarr: What's up with Robert Taylor's Law, S8013?

Soooo..... I don't just help clean up Big Dig urban blight in Southie/Dorchester, I help out in Massachusetts in general:

Senator Tarr has always been a Champion of the less-privileged, and Robert Taylor, despite being a Great Guy, was his target constituent. He died in a totally illegal apartment in an uninspected building, and that's a FACT.

That's why the Gloucester Times celebrated Senator Tarr's introduction of Robert Taylor's Law, S8013, after I conceived it and forwarded same to him for polish and final drafting. As noted by the paper on 1 Feb. 2008.
"The residents of the Lorraine were apparently never notified of their building's hazards. But they — and other residents of such buildings around the state — would have that right if this new proposal were to become law.

Now that would be a fitting legacy for Mr. Taylor."

Look: Robert Taylor died in an illegal apartment with ingress and egress only through another floor, and that's a fact, Jack. Read more about it in this Gloucester Times story by Richard Gaines. The paper won an award for its coverage, huzzah!

And that's why Jim Dinsmore -- Robert Taylor's best friend in Gloucester accompanied me to hearing and we both testified. But as WBZ points out, many Americans are wondering why our bills languish in Committee. More info.

One Day, things will get better, it will All Come True. Bjork, Tricky and Goldie, thank you. Sorry for all the pain, but at least it was real romances, not today's bullshit Hollywood arrangements, and all of you gave us Great Music. Reel News for Real People.

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