Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spot the Difference: KingCast sees Martin Dunn cry rape to Ayotte, only to laugh about it when it comes to a black man from the NAACP he doesn't like.

Newbies read how the NH Supreme Court just set this idiot feckless cop and his lying lawyer Dan Mullen straight:

KingCast Motion to Intervene
KingCast Supplemental Motion to Intervene, Fraud upon the Court.

Oh, yah, in 2007 you actually wrote to your buddy Kelly Ayotte (with whom you lost the Aaron Deboisbriand case) like a whiny little punk (read: B***h N***a) and said,
"Kelly this is horrible. I feel like a rape victim who finds herself getting mistreated and re-victimized over and over again by the criminal justice system....."

But on 12 November 2005, well before you claim to have been oh-so-victimized in your work environment, you thought it was funny that I might get raped and you said for the record
"It's a funny letter you're asking me to read."

Here then is a copy of that letter for you Mr. "Slime-Bag/Dipshitz Dunn" as your peers accurately called you:

Martin J. Dunn, I don't know if you have been a hunk of junk since the day you were born.....
But I personally know the family of the prior Police Chief Gary Phillips and he never had a problem, never got anxiety attacks or diarrhea, etc. etc..... And what I do know is that as of 12 November 2005 you publicly proved to me that you were a hunk of junk and you continue to be a hunk of junk to this very day, with the help of your lying, deceitful attorney Dan Mullen -- who was himself Kelly Ayotte's water boy during her loss to Planned Parenthood, Attorney fees assessed against Kelly Ayotte. Here's my RSA 91-A request related to that matter, what did it cost the NH taxpayers?

The seminal post on Kelly Ayotte, I say "Off with her head."

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