Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Union Leader, KingCast agree: Hillsborough County DA Robert Walsh & former NH AG Kelly Ayotte are unprofessional.

These scans are from a case raised by the Union Leader in a 19 October 2007 Editorial, "Gagged by Nashua: What's Michael Paulhus's story?" Read this post to see why they are relevant to the Malfeasance manifest by Robert Walsh. I believe he was in part responsible for investigating the Christopher J. Micklovich Strange Brew beat down by the Manchester Pee Dee, he completely failed in these two instances. When I get home I will image the Returns of Service in Liko Kenney v. Gregory Floyd et al. and place them on top, you will see why they, along with the Kish Report, are relevant to understanding how the NH Legal system "works."

In today's UL Editorial, "Hillsborough County attorney admits mishandling case," in which he clearly closed out two cases without due investigation.
"I feel it is important that both the community in general and the law enforcement community know that I did not use the usual chain of command and protocol in discussing a resolution of this case," Walsh said. "I acted too quickly. I recognize this is unfair to the chief of police and the victims."
Unfortunately, his actions were par for the course under the previous AG Kelly Ayotte, who, inter alia:

1. Allowed key evidence to be destroyed in the police shooting of Michael Paulhus, the UL's own Oct 19 2007 story referenced the case and raised questions about the confidentiality provisions of settlement in their own editorial:

....but did not mention the FACT that key items of evidence were destroyed under Ayotte's watch. Read the independent forensic review by Googling "Paul Erwin Kish + Paulhus."

2. Gave Greg Floyd a pass in 24 hours after he shot Liko Kenney, even though he issued materially conflicted statements about his actions and speaking to Kenney prior to shooting, as noted by well-respected Author Casey Sherman in video and in his book, "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains." When a Nashua man sued for information Ayotte said that she had no fingerprint analysis (Floyd could have placed Liko Kenney's second clip in his gun, seeing as he went home with Kenney's live round in his pocket) nor was there any Gun Shot Residue analysis provided even though I know they tested for same on Caleb Macaulay's clothing.

Nor was there any analysis of the windshield bullet that was lodged in Liko Kenney's car, which could also prove that Floyd lied about his actions. Read more about Kelly Ayotte's history of malfeasance (including the Paulhus case) and watch related video right here.

It is going to take a lot of work to restore any semblance of decency and fairness to the NH AG's Office, Mike Delaney has his work cut out for him.

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