Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, September 30, 2010

KingCast files ACLU Complaint against Kelly Ayotte/NH and Nashua GOP for unlawful viewpoint and content-based discrimination, free press violations.

KiIt sure is interesting what people search for and downloard.....Well here they are at our Hawken School reunion, five years ago. What a bunch of bigots, the lot of them.

Well.....It sure is interesting what people search for and download.....Well here they are at our Hawken School reunion, five years ago. What a bunch of bigots, the lot of them. Brad Bryan, Bill Randorf, Doug Healy, Matt Young and Peter Evans, what a bunch of haters these cats are.... and our illustrious class mate Molly Shannon, so bigoted she makes fun of nerdy neurotic girls....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

KingCast RSVP for Kelly Ayotte/John McCain rally, Saturday, 2 October 2010.

It's my mother's birthday, so I know she'll expect me on time later that evening, no bail to post.

I'll see you all Saturday for the "exciting event."
Please advise, in writing, if there is any special press requirements equally applied to all media.

Your people will be polite and respectful, and not lunge at, or touch any of my property or me personally. Unlike Manchester, they will not put a finger on my chest. Then I'm going to ask you a couple of questions, shoot some pictures, roll some video and edit a movie, so we won't have to face any of this:

You have got to act like a serious candidate, you can't be threatening to arrest reporters who ask you questions that you don't like.  The World will be watching to see how you and the Senator handle the media and any hecklers, given his goon squad full-on drop of Liz Hourican, as noted:

And I know you wouldn't want to catch any Civil Rights lawsuits or start paying to replace any broken cameras, so I'm sure we will get along just fine, thank you.
Very Truly Yours,
Christopher King, J.D. -- Reel News for Real People.
cc: blind copies
PS: As noted in this post, Dan Richardson really is.... an asshat!!!
Telegraph, 26 Feb. 2010 In his comments, Richardson mentioned “anal sex” three times.
“It would be great if people understood what the bounds of good taste are,” McCarthy said.  Richardson, who was himself a public official, should have understood those boundaries, McCarthy said. He could have made the same points without referring to anything graphic, McCarthy said.
 Now there's a good idea to strap on to.

KingCast files complaint with Nashua City Attorney, Police Chief against Kelly Ayotte, GOP for viewpoint-based First Amendment Discrimination.

Dear Sergeants Bailey and Maher: 

It was my pleasure to meet the both of you and to pick at these thorny issues and the shame of the Mattapan murders. We both understand that the bulk of your efforts at the PD will be with respect to the conduct of Karen Thoman, while Attorney Bennett addresses the press and open event matters noted in my Complaint.

I hate to have to be so forward, but note that Kelly Ayotte did nothing (p.2) in 206/2007 when I wrote her about the Unconstitutional School Board Policies here in Nashua, I had to take it on myself with Alderman Teeboom, Sandra Ziehm and others joining.

Your prime videos documenting the oppression are right here,with GOP Hitler Youth "Ryan" doing a number on me with Officer Hargreaves, none of them would listen to a damn thing I had to say, caught it on video.  And yes I have maintained all raw footage files to show the full continuity of the exchanges. I am fully confident that my behavior is on point and professional, as it was before the Nashua School Board three (3) years ago, as opposed to the behaviors exhibited by Kelly Ayotte and local GOP Office members Karen Thoman and Dan Richardson.

Newbies: This morning's entry contains the Complaint and related video and hateful comments from the GOP Treasurer. His air of privileged insouciance hits at the core of everything wrong with the GOP and paints Nashua with a patina of country-bumpkin essence.

"Do you think it was racial?" asked one of the Sergeants, I'm not saying which one.
"Well I think it's a combination of things, and race is a part of it, so is viewpoint-based discrimination. Plus I'm not as young as I look, and some people assume I haven't seen this stuff before. And I'm like, look man I'm 45 years old and I don't have time for this crap...."
"You think he would have treated you differently if you were, say FOX News or something...."

The problem is that I bring too much color to the game, in general, and they certainly don't like it. But that's too bad because it's not about to stop. -- Reel News for Real People.
PS: It just occurred to me, this is the third time in our history that Kelly Ayotte has tried to have me arrested, dammit. And people have the nerve to call ME a racist, or to have a vendetta, ahem. We see who's got the vendetta, because she's got nothing of substance to say to me or to Casey Sherman.Speaking of Color, enjoy today's KingCast jam:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

KingCast, a penny press pamphleteer, demands a formal response from Nashua Police and City Attorney on Kelly Ayotte GOP First Amendment abuse at Joe Arpaio rally.

Update: Nashua GOP Treasure Dan Richardson is a complete asshat:

Re: KingCast formal Complaint to Nashua City Attorney Stephen Bennett, Chief of Police Don Conley.

hide details 7:20 AM (43 minutes ago)
HaHa, what a pipsqueek!  Now he is threatening the police chief.

Christopher King

 to Daniel
show details 8:03 AM (2 minutes ago)
You can call me whatever you want to call me, but I was right the first time when idiots like you said the same thing, and it's not a threat, it's a simple request for a legal opinion, which is my right to request, the last time I checked.

Are you aware of any law to the contrary, you stupid jackass?

-The KingCaster.

Cross Post: Phoenix New Times/Liz Hourican attacked by McCain LE; Firedoglake.
Even though I have a history in professional journalism prior to law school and blogging, I start with this excellent 2006 blog entry from Liberty and Culture as I address U.S. Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte and the GOP's repeated threats to arrest me:

"With the advent of radio and television, particularly the days where networks dominated, the professional writer was separated from the man in the street. With the rise of the Internet the writer-citizen has re-established a healthy balance not seen since great days when our republic was founded. Perhaps two hundred years from now, some graduate student will be writing a dissertation on The Role of Blogs on the Restoration of the Principles of the American Revolution"
The letter also appears at the bottom of this post, and it speaks for itself. I am obviously a photojournalist of reasonable skills and I'm a capable Internet short film maker. There is no dispute about that, and Sunday's coverage of the Deval Patrick/Dems vs. GOP short film, above, showcasing the Democratic openness v. the GOP fascism clearly demonstrates as much. 

But hither the ACLU? Well they were quite helpful when I posted up as Boston Bob (Harvard Citizen Media Blog), and they got busy writing Supreme Court pleadings in Massachusetts, see Case No. 2009 SJ165. I spoke with Boston ACLU last week and I know they contacted NH ACLU...

Read more »

Kelly Ayotte's buddy Joe Arpaio in hot water over finance malfeasance, same as Kelly Ayotte with her $110M Tuttle/JUA Insurance and $300K Planned Parenthood debacles.

Even Fox News Knows:

Sheriff Joe in Hot Water Over Misspending Allegations

Voter-approved jail fund mismanaged?

Updated: Friday, 24 Sep 2010, 10:20 PM MDT
Published : Friday, 24 Sep 2010, 6:17 PM MDT
PHOENIX - With his department under fire, accused of wasting taxpayer money, Sheriff Joe Arpaio still refuses to talk about the controversy publicly. County auditors say he misused as much as $80 million.
The sheriff wouldn't talk on camera about the budget allegations, but on the phone, he told us he has an explanation for everything -- but we'll have to wait for it.
Some say the sheriff is in a tough spot. Facing a firestorm of criticism over the budget, the normally camera-happy sheriff has gone underground. For a man who spends so much time in the spotlight, critics say the silence is telling.
"The fact that he's not willing to answer the tough questions, dodging interviews... He's the elected sheriff of this county, he should have the doors open," says outspoken Sheriff Joe opponent Dan Saban.
Maricopa County Auditor David Smith clearly stated there is no doubt that monies have been misspent. The money was to be spent on improving the jails, which never happened. Instead it was spent on lavish trips and Immigration sweeps.
He's just like his toady, NH U.S. Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte, who has flip-flopped on Unconstitutional Immigration policies, as noted by Debbie Schlussel and Yours Truly.  She screwed over the New Hampshire budget to the tune of $110M on the Tuttle/JUA cases, affirmed on appeal read it all right here, along with the FRM Ponzi scam she failed to catch as AG, and her coverup of the Franconia shooting tragedy, soon to be a Hollywood movie. BTW, Wisconsin cited the Tuttle/JUA case, in Wisconsin Medical v. Morgan, what a legal legacy for Kelly Ayotte to leave, ahem.
She also lied to the public about "winning" the Planned Parenthood case, when in fact she cut two $150,000.00 checks to Planned Parenthood Attorneys because the NH law was poorly drafted and didn't pass Constitutional muster. I have a copy of the checks right here.
For more on Joe Arpaio, Kelly Ayotte and the lecherous GOP carefully read this post and Stephen Lemons' columns in the Phoenix New Times, including this onewith my video coverage of the NH GOP Joe Arpaio love-fest.

Monday, September 27, 2010

KingCast open letter to the Raben Group: Do everything in your power to make sure Kelly Ayotte is not elected to U.S. Senate, she is abominable on Human and Civil Rights.

Dear Raben Group Principals, staff and interns: Your mission is beautiful, building coalitions and encouraging diversity.... You probably don't know me too well, but as you work and live in the Nation's Capital you are no doubt more familiar with my first cousin Mike Wilbon, who took the more traditional media path. While we both worked at large Daily papers, I have always favored covering the dirty seamy underside of the law and politics, and working at the Cleveland Edition (RIP) as an account executive before law school is one of my fondest memories in journalism.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my Kelly Ayotte Senate blog today, where you landed pursuant to your Google search Kelly Ayotte + Immigration, just as I planned with the KingCast Google-bomb, droppin' knowledge..... There is a wealth of information on that page that need to be shared about former NH AG Kelly Ayotte and her nefarious relationship with AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio and watchdog and policy groups like you are the perfect conduit for the information exchange. I am just a little blogger with a little camera, but you have the means and resources to use the information I provide to the benefit of all forward-thinking people in America. Kelly Ayotte is a dirty and deceitful flip-flop on Immigration as noted by Conservative political writer Debbie Schlussel, and the above video of Deval Patrick vs. Charlie Baker & GOP shows you much more GOP evil that needs to be addressed.

Phoenix Times Stephen Lemons "Feathered Bastard" column is a wealth of information as well, from yesterday:

Kingcast, Thanks for helping the people of AZ by shedding the harsh light on all this and picking up on the similarities. Watched your video in NH. You certainly were courageous and hung tough!
In the interests of brevity, I might as well just use the comment I posted to the Rolling Stones facebook page:

George Manupelli's (Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones) hands grace the front page of my Civil Rights page, we in NH and MA are working on huge Civil Rights issues you should know about, watch this video of Governor Patrick vs. the GOP.

And look at U.S. Senate Candidate Ayotte in this video, threatening to arrest me, and lying about a dirty cop that got shot by a scared young man and covering up for the multiple felon who then murdered the young man, IMO, and in the opinion of a former U.S. Jag Attorney, third link.

Stay tuned for the Hollywood production of Casey Sherman's "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains," as previewed here.

Christopher King, J.D. -- Reel News for Real People.

PS: Related Huff Post article, "Ayotte raises 14th Amendment Concerns."
.....But Ayotte isn't Norton, Paul, Boozeman or Lee. If anything, she has been billed as a moderate Republican -- someone who would fit naturally alongside other New England GOPers. So her talk about birthright citizenship repeal (even if it constituted just flirting with the proposition) is notable for what it says about where the Republican Party is going.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Conservative writer Debbie Schlussel, KingCast agree: "Don't vote for Kelly Ayotte for U.S. Senate, she is a flip-flop, inept Joe Arpaio toady."

Original story here, with videos.

Cross Post: Firedoglake, Phoenix New Times.

As you can see in the top video, and in this video from a Facebook-advertised open rally, Kelly Ayotte and Karen Thoman are complete tools who hate the First Amendment.

As you can see in this video from the Nashua, NH GOP rally, Kelly Ayotte and racist Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio had nothing to say when I reminded them that Kelly Ayotte flip-flopped on her As I noted in this post, Conservative political writer Debbie Schlussel warned 2 years ago "Don't vote for Kelly Ayotte."
Ayotte also instructed New Hampshire police chiefs not to use the trespassing laws to take undocumented workers off the street. Remember Ayotte’s wimpishness in any of her future runs for office.

Ayotte is now presenting herself as a conservative and tea party style candidate. That’s baloney. She’s a career politician who did the wrong things while in office. Don’t give her a chance to repeat those wrong things in the U.S. Senate.

But like the paid GOP toady she is, she flip-flopped and now basically supports similar activities and a reign of terror imposed by Arpaio, who has paid $40,000 to American Citizen Nick Babcock for four (4) wrongful arrests occasioned because he works for Arpaio opponent Dan Saban, also suspiciously arrested on a prior election eve. Given Ayotte's history with me as NAACP Legal Chair (she and her buddy, fired Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn lost trying to jail me for writing a Civil Rights Demand Letter), Kelly Ayotte probably supports these unlawful arrests as well, anything to get in office and abuse power.

Note to anyone who supports Kelly Ayotte: You're voting for an idiot GOP sockpuppet who will flim-flam and flip-flop her way into any office she can find, even violating her own promise to finish her term as NH AG, where she had a horrible record on Civil Rights and big business, as documented.

Related: The Nefarious relationship between Kelly Ayotte and Joe Arpaio.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

KingCast tells DA Dan Conley: Your "altruistic" Jason Batman Watson arrested again for Domestic Violence; where's my Revere PD toxicology response?

Another DA/AG giving favors to dirtbag criminals:
Well Dan,

Perhaps you're too busy writing Deals with the Devils (i.e. Derek Lodie + Jason "Batman" Watson) to respond to my inquiry about the toxicology results on Revere's Finest, but let me pull your coat tail to something:

Jason Watson, incorrectly hailed as some kind of altruist by Federal Judge Joseph Tauro pursuant to your Devil Deal-Cutting, was arrested yet again on another Domestic Violence accusation. You should know that I'm chill with the S.D., mother Mr. Watson's child, and she has extended her Restraining Order against him as well. Seems he threatened to blow her father's face off, etc. etc. Flash forward:
“He allegedly elbowed her in the face and grabbed her arm. He forced her down on the bed and grabbing her hair, punched her several times in the back of the head. He left the house, but only after picking up the cell phone and smashing it to pieces. The woman was taken to the hospital for treatment.
Officers arrested Watson in Eastie the next day.”

Look Bro: I'm going to tell you straight out man, and don't get upset or put a finger in my face:

You are going to screw around and some innocent woman is going to be disfigured or killed by this guy, and that blood will be on your hands, the same way the blood of Mr. "Knife-to-labia" Corporal Bruce McKay is on the hands of Kelly Ayotte, Chief Montminy and the Franconia Selectmen, Hollywood movie forthcoming. McKay's wife Angela filed for protection on him, too, not that Kelly cares. As a former AAG I will tell you that you do Law Enforcement no favors when you cut deals with the Devil. All you do is foster the belief that LE have misogynist tendencies toward women, and that in turn stains the reputation of good men in blue, are we clear? Good. Just trying to fix your myopia before it turns terminal for some poor woman. Quote:
He is giving back to society - by punching life in the face, one female at a time...

That having been said, where is the response to my cocaine conundrum, or do I have to sue you for it?

Related Harbinger: What's Going On, December, 2007.

Very Truly Yours,
The KingCaster.
cc: Judge Tauro, by 1p today.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Res Ipsa: GOP, Joe Arpaio, Kelly Ayotte and Karen Thoman are racist, hegemonic tools.

Cross Post: Firedoglake.

You can determine the integrity of any given candidate for any given position by observing how they embrace -- or disavow -- Open Government principles.

The GOP, Kelly Ayotte and Nashua NH Republican Secretary and Membership Committee Chair Karen Thoman are abject failures on that count.

In life, sometimes you have to take a stand on your First Amendment Principles. This is my stand, and I will make it with all of the resolution with which I correctly made my stand on Free Speech in Nashua City Schools in 2007, as noted in the video.

Here is your back story in three succinct posts:
1. The offensive conduct.
2. The requested apology from the GOP.
3. The Amy Goodman/Democracy Now! related litigation against the GOP.

-The KingCaster.

Res Ipsa: GOP, Joe Arpaio, Kelly Ayotte and Karen Thoman are racist, hegemonic tools.

You can determine the integrity of any given candidate for any given position by observing how they embrace -- or disavow -- Open Government principles.

The GOP, Kelly Ayotte and Nashua NH Republican Secretary and Membership Committee Chair Karen Thoman are abject failures on that count.

In life, sometimes you have to take a stand on your First Amendment Principles. This is my stand, and I will make it with all of the resolution with which I correctly made my stand on Free Speech in Nashua City Schools in 2007, as noted in the video.

Here is your back story in three succinct posts:
1. The offensive conduct.
2. The requested apology from the GOP.
3. The Amy Goodman/Democracy Now! related litigation against the GOP.

-The KingCaster.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

KingCast presents: Crossing Mayfield, peace to my honest, hard working LE friends.

These cool cats understand why I support responsible LE and why I go after the bad apples like Kelly Ayotte's hero Bruce McKay. This was my afternoon journey down Mayfield Road to University Circle, where I met two very chill and reasonable LE. They were busy with a suspect, I asked them a question and they answered it professionally and we engaged in reasonable conversation, good stuff all around. And now I have two more KingCast viewers. Some LE, including that U.S.Senate Candidate and professional tool Kelly Ayotte (watch the videos) should take note.

-The KingCaster.
PS: This is an awesome 1969 prank video, a year before I moved to Cleveland Heights.

Monday, September 20, 2010

KingCast informs Margaret Wong Immigration Center about the nefarious relationship between Kelly Ayotte and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

I've known Attorney Wong for 20 years now, met her when I clerked for Civil Rights lawyer Terry Gilbert, they shared space then. I waited to share this with her in personam, so to speak.

Margaret, here are some key links and videos for you:
Phoenix New Times/Stephen Lemons "Feathered Bastard" column.
Kelly Ayotte's Nefarious Relationship with Joe Arpaio.
Kelly Ayotte and GOP should be sued for Injunctive Relief for banning KingCast.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Will KingCast, other news bloggers join Amy Goodman & Democracy Now! in suing fascist GOP officials like Kelly Ayotte who unlawfully threaten arrest?

Cross Post: Firedoglake.

For you lawyers: Can you say, "Pattern and Practice?"

I blogged about Amy Goodman's situation involving the 2008 RNC beat down and 800 arrests in this post. Here is the Truthout 9 May, 2010 feature on the lawsuit, filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights.

I mentioned it at 8:30 of the KingCast movie (above) showcasing several forms of viewpoint and content-based abuse leveled at me during the GOP Joe Arpaio love fest in Nashua, NH one week ago to the Day. Now let's see if GOP Secretary and Committee Chair Karen Thoman grants my requested apology for whacking my camera with her GOP flyer at an even that most certainly was NOT private, as anyone could buy a ticket and other media were there.

The Phoenix New Times's Stephen Lemons was appalled:
If you ask me, journalism needs more Chris Kings......
Anyway, King's video is entertaining mainly because of what happens to him: A GOP hausfrau whacks his camera with a pamphlet; some Republican crone orders him out of the building; and the local cops force him to amscray under threat of arrest, even though he's credentialed and there are plenty of other media types there. The video's a tad long at 12 minutes-plus, but worth every second.

Not to mention the fact that Kelly Ayotte threatened to arrest me 2 weeks prior at a public event advertised on Facebook no less, watch the video.

And I am talking about moving for Injunctive relief with some well-respected local First Amendment Counsel as well. And the compelling thing is, I need immediate relief because the fall elections -- in particular the U.S. Senate 2010 race -- loom large. In contrast, the relief sought against the RNC is temporally stale by comparison, though no less significant of course.

That's all for now, have a great day, enjoy the Democracy Now! lawsuit pdf:
Amy Goodman et al. v. City of St. Paul et al, 5 May 2010.
The Center for Constitutional Rights is dedicated to advancing and protecting the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Founded in 1966 by attorneys who represented civil rights movements in the South, CCR is a non-profit legal and educational organization committed to the creative use of law as a positive force for social change.
cc: Bruce Nestor, esq.

KingCast -- Reel News for Real People

Saturday, September 18, 2010

KingCast hosts "The Fighter" trailer from Casey Sherman's "Bad Blood" movie producer Dorothy Aufiero.

As noted, Casey Sherman congratulated me on several occasions for my relentless and ongoing 3-year expose on this matter, culminating in a Wrongful Death/Civil Rights lawsuit filed on behalf of Liko Kenney, as local licensed counsel helped prepare same for Liko Kenney's father, Davey Kenney. Document to be hosted shortly at this link.

Meanwhile read police pursuit procedures and excerpts from the book here, and see what U.S. Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte hid from the World Public about multiple Gregory Floyd and his lies here.

Now we all know that Kelly Ayotte ran a completely false investigation into whether Greg Floyd murdered Liko Kenney, and whether Liko Kenney shot Bruce McKay out of fear for his safety. That's why they have no responsive documents to the first three (3) out of five (5) RSA 91-A Public Records requests. These requests are heavy and they concern fingerprint analysis, gunshot residue analysis and information how How Gregory Floyd may have unloaded the first clip and loaded the second clip of Liko Kenney's Hi-Point to make him appear more dangerous AFTER he shot, and likely murdered him. That's pretty much the only way you go home with one of Liko's live rounds in your shirt pocket, which is exactly what Floyd did. And that's a FACT.

After he shot out Liko Kenney's winshield and lied about it, of course. I proved all of that with the official court documents hosted at the Casey Sherman "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountain" book launch. This is why US Senate Hopeful Kelly Ayotte threatened to arrest me at her public event 3 weeks ago when I showed up to ask a few simple questions, as noted in the bottom video.

Read Try Gregory Floyd for Murder, whose primary author is retired JAG Attorney Bill Christy. I provided some editing remarks that were incorporated, then Bill got scared and changed his position like a scared little puppy that peed itself. He then started calling me a "nigger" and "motherfucker," (YouTube audio) never a dull moment at

King -- Reel News for Real People.

Friday, September 17, 2010

KingCast grimaces as Cleveland Auditor Frank Russo gets 21 years hard time for being a thief.

Soooo.... So I was visiting the mother of a certain Ohio Judge who will remain anonymous (but no, s/he's never been in any trouble unlike these two) and I glanced over at the coffee table and saw today's headline. Photo courtesy Plain Dealer.


What a dirtbag Dem, it's unbelievable. But as I say, I don't care what Party you are, if I see you doing dirt -- intentional malfeasance, mind you -- I'm going to post it, same as dirtbag NH Senate Candy Kelly Ayotte and her buddy Joe Arpaio.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

KingCast presents: Hate mail, shows the "mindset" of many Kelly Ayotte supporters.

Dave U. Random to me
show details 12:21 AM (30 minutes ago)
Porch Monkey - Your knuckles dragging? Have a banana.

Kelly is going to make things interesting now. Better make amends.


Can you say, "Anonymous cracker?"
Anyway, Kelly Ayotte and her old LE buddy, Meshugana Marty Dunn already made their runs at me and I smoked them out but good. And regardless of what she tries to do to me now, besides her continued attempts to arrest me (the videos don't lie) nothing will change the fact that people in Arizona are linking up with KingCast and sharing information across the World about how dirty Kelly Ayotte and her new LE buddy Joe Arpaio really are, as noted at the prior link. Visit Stephen Lemons and others at the Phoenix News as we hang out and watch the wheels fall off of Arpaio's little fiefdom, as he throws everyone else under the bus.

As a former AAG I can tell you Kelly Ayotte and Joe Arpaio are acting like criminals with badges.
PS: Hey dude, it's Yom Kippur now..... might be a Good Time for Kelly Ayotte and Joe Arpaio to repent, now how 'bout THOSE bananas, GOTCHA! (As Kelly Ayotte's hero and bully cop Norman Bruce McKay would and did say, on his personal license plate.). -- Reel News for Real People.

Hey KingCast, you ever lighten up?

Well, yah, from time to time. Lineu Zadereski is a helluva guy, and I'm glad he kept me in his email distribution list. And I'm glad he's making brilliant and inspired art, I look forward to catching up with him again.

Note: Reasonable people don't mind you asking them a few questions with a camera pointed at them.

KingCast salutes the spirit of Arizona's "We are Media!" -- together we will expose Joe Arpaio and U.S. Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte.

I have not literally met Phoenix New Times' Stephen Lemons or AZ activist journalist Dennis Gilman, but the beauty of it is, we don't have to meet in order to work together and to share important information about issues that shape the future of this Country.

Related: Firedoglake, “The Nefarious Relationship Between Joe Arpaio & Senate Candidate Kelly Ayotte.”

And the We are Media! program and efforts to expose Kelly Ayotte and Joe Arpaio's antics are prime examples of that type of work. Regard today's AZ Republic on Joe Arpaio's imploding Sheriff's Office as he throws Chief Deputy David Hendershott under the bus. And Ayotte pandering up to this creep shows her mettle.

While my situation as a blogger with experience at a daily and a weekly -- and a law degree and successful First Amendment litigation under my belt -- is slightly (or vastly) different from that of many bloggers, the bottom line is that in one way or another, We are indeed media, Right out of our backpacks. The New Day is not coming, it has dawned, as I noted to U.S. Senate Candidate Kelly Ayotte, a/k/a "Arrest KingCast," above. Reel News for Real People.