Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boston Pastor Bruce Wall, Boston Phoenix, PressPassTV and KingCast seek reform and implore Mayor Menino to address youth violence.

BOSTON PHOENIX: Troubled over Bridgewater.
Unhappy Kwanzaa
The case of Darrell Jones illustrates how petty and vindictive the relationship between guards and inmates can be.
In May of that year, Jones charged, in an audio clip posted online, that officer harassment of inmates had reached its "highest level ever," and complained, "They're tearing down anything we try to do that's positive." The day after his tirade went public, Jones was placed in segregation.

Six days later, Jones' appeal for outside help appeared to have been answered: he received a visit from State Rep. Gloria Fox. Accompanied by Jones's girlfriend and collaborator Joanna Marinova, Fox had come to discuss claims of officer misconduct leveled by AHC members. The day after that meeting, Jones was relocated to MCI-Norfolk.

A civil action will examine whether OCCC officers manipulated the media to retaliate against Jones. In May 2009, the Boston Herald ran a page-one story titled "Fox in the Big House," in which reporter Jessica Van Sack wrote: "State Rep. Gloria L. Fox is under scrutiny for allegedly sneaking a murderer's girlfriend — previously bagged for engaging in 'sexual acts' with the killer con — into [OCCC]." Citing two confidential sources, the article claimed that Fox, the state rep from Roxbury, used her legislative privilege to bypass security checkpoints for the purpose of escorting Marinova into restricted areas where she could see Jones. In the month that followed, the Herald trumpeted the story despite proof in disciplinary reports that charges of "sexual acts" between Jones and Marinova had in fact been dismissed by OCCC supervisors. Marinova is suing the Herald and WHDH-TV7 over the story, claiming the outlets based their reports on false information that was maliciously leaked by OCCC employees.

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Here's the underlying CORI/Defamation case where the Herald and Channel 7 said Joanna Marinova had sex with an inmate in discussion on Beat the Press.
Pastor Bruce Wall

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Pastor Wall knows what time it is, that's why he sent me this letter for publication. The full letter will appears below at BTW Scribd cannot be trusted, story on them later, fascist dirtbags they are. Meanwhile here is my response and public document request to the DOC/EOPSS folks, and a good post with video of Governor Patrick and Yours Truly.

Martha Coakley's response to my recent public information request is not encouraging, to be fully charitable. To rip it, basically it is a potentially disingenuous attempt to keep us at bay while they ladle out the obfuscatatory cheez-whiz.

Per MGL 66 § 10 -- Dear EOPSS IT/Communications Director: Please provide, within the time allotted by Law, a copy of any and all communications, subpoenas, and/or Deposition Notices received by your office from WDHD TV, Byron Barnett, Boston Herald, Jessica Van Sack or their legal representatives relative to the pending lawsuit, i.e. Joanna Marinova v. Jessica Van Sack et al, which was discussed a couple of weeks ago at your office. The same day you send me the cost estimate I will bring a certified money order to your office and retrieve the documents.
Thank you,
Christopher King, J.D. -- Reel News for Real People

1. Pastor Bruce Wall – The letter he sent to me yesterday is self-explanatory. Excerpt:
“I, for one, am tired of seeing the same old scenario played out each year, i.e., dead youth, press conferences and a political and spiritual tug of war between the same people who should be uniting to bring change to Boston. Before I ask to speak to the city over my radio and television network (Boston Praise Radio), I am asking you to hear my reason for calling for the comprehensive plan to study the root cause of homicides in our city.

Please know that I will not simply go away. I am not and have never initiated any campaign to embarrass you or your administration.

You could become the hero mayor of our city and any urban city if you care enough about the families in Boston to go along with the idea to study Boston's youth violence problem.”

2. Boston Phoenix –
Look this week for their review and investigation into the Draconian measures at Old Colony. Turns out that Darrell Jones and Joanna Marinova were not the only victims of the sexual misconduct write ups. Remember, the dirtbag “journalists” chez Boston Herald and Channel 7 WDHD turned that into “had sex with inmates….” All of which was FALSE and resulted in a massive pending lawsuit, and DOC/EOPSS IT/Communications Director Terrel Harr tells me there are subpoenas issued to his office, probably from the Defendants, who are about to get their fannies handed to them when they get the responses and schedule Depos.

3. PressPass TV, KingCast – Watch the video with wrongly-convicted prison reformer Darrell Jones, who has personal correspondence with Senator John Kerry on these matters. He told me so, and I have zero reason to doubt him. We can address these issues with much greater alacrity if Mayor Menino and Attorney General Coakley come together and get serious. But AG Coakley’s office is deep into double speak, read her letter to me in response to my public information request last week, so insane I had to file another request immediately as seen in the link in the next paragraph.

Query: Whose interests does the AG represent? Is she tacitly defending the actions of the DOC staff (the DOC is not a named Defendant) or is she going after the corruption and the CORI leak. From her nonsensical response to my inquiry we can’t really tell, but my follow up inquiry will clear up all of that there obfuscation. Read all about it here.

PS: It has been a good Month already, as this is the second time that people in authority and/or major media have legitimated my observations. Last week the Nashua Telegraph featured a Kevin Landrigan piece noting that former NH AG and U.S. Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte misrepresented her "victory" in Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood: There is no way in hell that you can be the victor when your State's Parent Consent Law was found Unconstitutional and you are ORDERED to pay $300K in Attorney fees. And no Bud, it doesn't matter that Planned Parenthood's attorney were seeking $500K, the fact is Kelly lost that case.


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