Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kelly Ayotte leads Republican oppression at Nashua Immigration scapegoat fest, KingCast again threatened with arrest as AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio looks on

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Today's video shows how repressive Kelly Ayotte and some -- repeat -- some -- Republicans really are. For now enjoy the video from 2 weeks ago where Kelly Ayotte threatened me with arrest the first time, fascist puppet pig that she is.

I showed up. I provided the same set of NENPA press credentials that are in use by many of my Fourth Estate brethren here in New England. I interview Joe Arpaio. I spoke with my old pals Dennis Hogan, Sandra Ziehm and Jennifer Horn, all of whom supported my efforts to change First Amendment Policy in Nashua Schools after that idiot Superintendent Julia Earl made it impossible for citizens to address personnel matters before the Board. Click the thumbnails to read Nashua Telegraph's coverage, I ran into Telegraph reporter Michael Brindley tonight and we watch the video, small World.

And then I got threatened with arrest by several of Nashua's finest, at least one of whom was clearly uncomfortable with the oppression. As a former LE Attorney I wish you well brother, you have a tough and dangerous job, don't take the Bruce McKay route and you'll earn respect and be all right.

Jennifer Horn and I just discussed the matter outside Martha's Exchange, where I enjoyed dinner, a beer, and the construction of this video, which is the definitive Immigration video for AZ Senator Joe Arpaio and Kelly Ayotte. Yes, I have been a guest on her radio show on several occasions, and yes she is an advocate of Open Government, we agree on some things and disagree on others, that's the American Way. Anyway, yes, in the video I documented the prior attempt to criminalize undocumented workers here in the Monadnock area and brought that knowledge to a number of people who were unaware. It pays to know your history.

Res ipsa. -- Reel News for Real People.

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