Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, September 10, 2010

KingCast, Landrigan say Kelly Ayotte's alliance with fascist AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio shows her pandering to the lowest common denominator.

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As the Nashua Telegraph's Kevin Landrigan noted this morning, here comes Kelly Ayotte and Jackass Joe Arpaio on Sunday to the Crowne Plaza, where I occasionally served Voss water when Jackass Kelly and Jackass Martin Dunn had me under Indictment for writing Dunn a Civil Rights Demand Letter when I was NAACP Legal Chair. Oh it all went away, but it goes to show what a hater she is. Last week Landrigan affirmed what I've been saying for a while about how she lost the Planned Parenthood case.

And I'll be there with KingCast Canon blazing. She must have thought I was an undocumented worker 2 weeks ago, maybe THAT's why she threatened to arrest me, as seen in the KingCast video, above. Try it again, Kelly, I dare you, you little narrow minded pea-brained hater you. You're just a puppet on a Republican string, baby, and your cover is blown.

She is such scum, it's so ridiculous, look at her pandering to the lowest common denominator, as if undocumented workers/illegals really caused the money problems in this country, that's BS there is PLENTY of M1 and M2 in this country, but Kelly's corrupt friends like Taxmasters (under lawsuit by Texas AG and $10K contributor to Ayotte's slimy campaign) have control of it:

Lastly, some folks in NH love to hate undocumenteds, and Martin Luther King, remember the failed attempt to criminalize being illegal a few years ago? I discussed that with Immigration lawyer Mona Movafaghi:

And who could forget that AZ and NH were the last two States to adopt a Martin Luther King Holiday.

And let's not forget the dismissed legal action she took against me as NAACP Legal Chair, while ignoring the underlying police abuse (3 drawn guns and visual body cavity search for LOITERING) that her racist buddy Martin J. Dunn covered up by getting me indicted for Attempted Felony Extortion when I wrote a Demand Letter (case also dismissed/Nol Prossed). Dunn thought it would be funny if a big man named Bubba raped me in prison, and he -- along with Kelly Ayotte's ertswhile Waterboy (bottom picture) Dan Mullen told lies about me that the NH Supreme Court has begun to reverse.

Here's a recent Dunn and Ayotte post, while Dunn cries rape to Kelly Ayotte, with links to his lies in the Supreme Court to obtain retirement benefits.

In my opinion, Kelly Ayotte is a racist pig, and she was obviously a feckless NH AG, check the facts.

Christopher King, J.D. -- Real News for Real People.

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  1. Kelly:

    If you or your buddies so much as put a finger on me -- as they did last time -- and I will sue you and them for assault, you got that?

    Keep your goddamn thugs off of me.

    Are we clear?