Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, September 9, 2010

KingCast on Big Business dupe Kelly Ayotte's refusal to return Taxmaster's $10K U.S. Senate Contributions and failure to help Michael Holman.

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Everybody and their mother knows its not good policy for a former AG to accept campaign contributions from companies who have been sued by another State's AG. However, U.S. Senate Hopeful (and Sarah Palin's BFF) Kelly Ayotte has always been a big business dupe as noted in the second video, when she and her hegemonic warlord posse threatened to have the thuggish Manchester cops arrest me 2 weeks ago.

Anyway, here's your MSNBC/AP Story on that, here's a FOX News story, and here's the Texas AG press release. These guys were worse than Citibank money laundering Mexican Drug money, being sued by the Ohio and California AG's for tricking undergraduate students and stealing millions in illegal sweep accounts from vulnerable clients. All documented by the GAO and

Read more about Kelly and her LE friend Martin J. Dunn.


Now the Michael Holman case is getting interesting as well. Kelly Ayotte's office received dozens of pages of information about Unconstitutional practices against him by Madison Chief John Pickering that have allowed his children to remain in the care and custody of a negligent mother while issuing bogus threats of arrest and trumped-up charges against him. Even the Boston FBI is aware of a substantial file that they obtained from the NH AG in 2009, as noted in its initial review, which has since been revisited. Congressman Jay Inslee and others are looking into that matter, meanwhile read his position statement and FOIA/RSA 91-A Right to Know correspondence (referencing 19 pages of now-missing documents) indicating that the NH AG's office -- under Kelly Ayotte -- destroyed his entire file except one page.

Congressman Inslee's 15 October 2007 letter acknowledged a huge packet of information, much of which should have been on file with the NH AG's office.

Supporting Unconstitutional practices is nothing new for Kelly Ayotte, remember her run at me as NAACP Legal Chair, her support for Unconstitutional DNA reporting for NH youth and her deceitful misrepresentations in losing the Planned Parenthood case, while claiming that she won? Kelly Ayotte real legacy is well documented right here.

Maybe that's why TPM shows Ayotte in trouble, and even the conservative Union Leader -- which itself has been a potboiler for political corruption in the past, recall Ed Muskie and the Canuck letter -- endorsed Ovide Lamontagne in the Republican 2010 U.S. Senate race.

Here's the Michael Holman story:


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