Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Sunday, September 5, 2010

KingCast reveals pitiful cry rape email from fired Jaffrey Chief Martin J. Dunn to U.S. Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte.

Okay Marty, per your email to Kelly, have it Your Way:
"Bud tried to explain to me that Jon Sistare should not be held accountable for making false statements in that document he signed and took an oath to because it was drafted by his attorney. I found that to be outrageous and asked him to reconsider that concept. I pointed out the statement where Jon Sistare swore that the contents of the letter were reviewed by him and found to be truthful."

Okay Pity Party Marty, if that be the case, then every lie you presented to the New Hampshire Supreme Court about me:
1. "Disbarred"
2. "Wrote about Dunn raping his daughter"
3. "Fraudulent letter from the NAACP"

Should be applied against you. I'll be sure to point that out to the Court, anything I can do to help you assert your position.

Query, how are you doing with the "insomnia, frequent headaches, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting...." (Supreme Court Opinion in Re: Petition of Dunn 2009-265 p.3). With all of that going on it reminds me somebody told me that you were a poo-butt, I guess that's more true than we all thought, ahem. You, Bruce McKay (lawsuit pending) and that other dead hater cop David Fleming (lawsuit coming about him, too) are the bane of Law Enforcement in New Hampshire and I know a LOT of LE support exactly what I'm saying, even if they can't publicly say so. But I can, and I will. And I can publish your little cry rape email to your buddy Kelly Ayotte as well. Rape is a Bad Thing when it comes to you, but you thought it would be funny if it happened to me, you low-life bastard.


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