Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

KingCast says Happy Rosh Hashana to Kelly Ayotte and Martin J. Dunn, two of the biggest Law Enforcement schmucks I've ever met.

Kelly Ayotte, if elected, will be a deceitful (she lost Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood, for one, click here for more) oppressive Senator who threatens the press with unlawful arrest by Manchester police -- well known for beating the snot out of people like Chris Micklovich and Adam Alterisio, who sued them. More coming later about her treatment of the Michael Holman case.

Martin Dunn is a deceitful, oppressive fired Police Chief who cries rape to his buddy Kelly Ayotte, while laughing about the prospect of an NAACP Legal Chair being raped for questioning police brutality, i.e. 3 drawn guns and a visual body cavity search for LOITERING, which he beat pro se. Read more here.

So funny that tool questioned my psychological stability, when come to find out he was a real jerk before his symptoms manifest, and he's a real softie, can't even take the rigors of his position. It's hilarious because I know Gary Phillips, Jr., the son of the previous Jaffrey Police Chief, and he had no problems whatsoever. Marty if you can't stand the heat take your ass out of the kitchen, but don't be making NH taxpayers subsidize your sleazy retirement plans. You are meshugana. Literally.

Meshugana Marty.

Police abuse? I know all about it, I was the lawyer who, on information and belief, was the first to have his client (Michael Isreal) determined to be a Victim of Violent Crime at the hands of the Police in the Ohio Court of Claims, V96-61481.

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