Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why is Joe Arpaio not smiling? Because KingCast cameras are trained on him.

Maybe it's got something to do with his parallel history with U.S. Senate Candidate Kelly Ayotte as far as campaign violations and retaliatory arrests.
Fox26 reports $10K kept by Ayotte from Taxmasters, a dirty company under lawsuit by Texas AG.
Phoenix New Times reports $154K fine against Arpaio.

Ayotte made a failed run at me when I was NAACP legal chair with her bigot buddy Meshugana Marty Dunn, who still lies about me to this very day. Meanwhile, Arpaio paid Nick Babcock $40G for repeated, trumped-up arrests. Read this July, 2010 Tuscon Citizen story "Is Arpaio an illegal?"

Watch me school "The Nation's Toughest Sheriff" Joe Arpaio in the video from which this clip was lifted, here.

PS: The Feds are all over him, seeking to schedule the same judge for the Civil Rights and Racial Profiling cases. But don't ask me, ask the bastion of moonbat liberal ideology, Fox News.

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