Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cayman Island Kelly Ayotte and the GOP slither out of immediate TRO Free Press hearing prior to election in KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP 2010-CV-492 PB.

Who was I to actually think that I could compel Kelly Ayotte or the GOP to actually appear for a TRO hearing BEFORE the election? The chances of that happening or a mere mortal like me are about as likely as two  two lobbyists, working for two different lobbying firms, both representing the interests of Cayman Islands finance, hosting at the same fundraising event for Kelly Ayotte, ahem. See my new favorite online journalist publication "Irregular Times."

Whatever, that all fits in well with Mexican Drug-lord Money-laundering Citibank with its Cayman outpost, another bullshit enterprise that sucks the life out of Americans quicker than last night's prime time lineup on the cathode-ray babysitter, mind eraser.
The video at bottom was for the TRO that the Federal Court today sidestepped, today (29 Oct) ordering Defendants to respond on or before 1 Nov. 2010 -- but the Defendants have been aware of this litigation for more than a week now and there was ALREADY a scheduled hearing on the 27th in the State Court before the Defendants removed it to Federal Court at the last possible minute, stalling for more time.

The Federal Court had read my Motion to Reconsider the State Court hearing schedule, which had initially set a hearing for 17 November, 2010 -- two solid weeks AFTER the election. Fascinating. It could be argued, with substantial force, that a Free Press is not exactly of paramount importance in the Live Free or Die State. Today's Nashua Telegraph story by Patrick Meighan, and the 29 Oct. 2010 follow-up.

You can't really fight the government or powerful Republicans like sockpuppet Kelly, with ties to corporate behemoths like Pfizer, Abbott labs (not the SAAB guys, the drug-pusher guys), Visa, Sunoco, Cayman Finance, Wal Mart, etc. etc..... all you can really do is document their actions and keep track of them the same way they keep track of us. And if you're a journalist seeking information, take a number and get in line to wait your chance for a glimpse of Justice.

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  1. I’m in, I’m out, I’m a journalist, I’m not a journalist.
    I file for an immediate hearing twice and get one neither time, nor do I get a specific denial……. You know it’s so crazy that some folks might look at me and say “he’s confused.”

    They then look deeper and realize that I’m not the one confused at all, No Sir. No Ma’am.

    A word to the wise to Defendants: Anger breeds confusion and it not only shortens life, it reduces the quality of it as well. So think about that the next time you’re lobbying up to some MNC Pharmacy on steroids on your way to the Cayman Islands to meet your Citibank pals.

    She's a dirty politician in my opinion, and there's a reason she tried to destroy thousands of emails but had to produce them at substantial taxpayer expense.

    She hates my guts because I investigated the Double Homicide in Franconia, NH where a bully cop named Bruce McKay scared a young man Liko Kenney so much the kid shot him, and a multiple felon murdered the kid with the cop's gun, without saying a word as he twice initially admitted. Kelly misrepresented all kinds of "facts" about that case but because of my efforts a couple of lawyers have filed suit on behalf of Liko Kenney and that suit is now before the same Federal Judge who has my case now that the Defendants have removed it to Federal Court.