Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, October 8, 2010

Did Kelly Ayotte teach her protege Dan Mullen how to lie, and did she teach NH police how to assault women and get away with it?

It sure looks like it. There is our infamous waterboy holding the mic for Kelly in her $300K "victory" over Planned Parenthood in which the NH parental consent law was held Unconstitutional. I wrote about it last year and Kevin Landrigan wrote about it this year. And now here he is, the subject of this Rule 3.3 Ethics Complaint with the NH Attorney Discipline Committee after he wrote, inter alia,
“The point is that he was not a licensed attorney at the time he represented himself as such.”

Attorney Mullen has not one iota – not one shred of evidence that his statement is true. In fact, it is resoundingly false.
First of all, the ill-motivated First Amendment attack against me by his client in the form of an Indictment of Attempted Felony Extortion was nol-prossed after I sat through voir dire, eager to have a trial, and that is a FACT.
Second, the Unauthorized Practice of Law case brought by Mullen’s erstwhile boss Kelly Ayotte was DISMISSED after she violated the Rules of Civil Procedure.

This is all in addition to some of the lies that the NH Supreme Court has changed in its final opinion in the matter of Dunn v. State Retirement Board, including allegations that I was "disbarred," that I wrote a "fraudulent letter" on behalf of police abuse victim Willie Toney, who faced 3 drawn guns and visual body cavity search for LOITERING. Attorney Dan Mullen also wrote that I had fantasized about fired Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn raping his daughter. No such things ever happened. The only sworn statement about the letter is by NAACP Veteran's Chair Cleaven Fergusn that it was NOT fraudulent, (para. 6). And the Truth of the matter -- caught on transcript by my quick observation -- is that Dunn was laughing at a hate mail letter to Yours Truly that read in pertinent part: 
"Best get your food stamps ready cuz you need protection where you're goen, "you 'bout to be Bubba's bitch you coconut head racist.”

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Up next: Kelly pals up with another abusive cop: Fred Hoysradt, who assaulted female reporter Elizabeth Dinan........

"Dinan told police that Hoysradt phoned her and asked to come to her home on Maplewood Avenue, according to a transcript of her interview. She assumed it was to discuss the DUI checkpoints they had talked about earlier, but once there, he immediately hugged and kissed her, she said.

Dinan said she pushed off Hoysradt's advances and repeatedly asked him to leave, but he did not. Dinan said Hoysradt also touched her breast and then held her arms at her sides as she struggled. She told police she yelled at him before he finally released her and left.

Once outside, Dinan said, Hoysradt yelled into her home and asked to come back inside. She responded by blowing a crow call, which is similar to a duck call, before he finally left and she contacted a female officer she knew.

For his part, Hoysradt said he called Dinan, but that she invited him over for drinks. He said he was at the State Street Saloon and drank two Captain Morgans with ginger ale prior to going to her home. Dinan also told investigators that days before the July incident, Hoysradt saw her at a crime scene and commented on her not wearing a bra. She said she mentioned the exchange to Officer Rochelle Jones.Dinan reported the incident with Hoysradt at her home to Jones shortly after it happened.

Jones later told police in a separate interview that Hoysradt has made less than professional comments before, including that his wife doesn't have sex with him, that he found her attractive.....

Fred Hoysradt, 47, of Barrington pleaded no contest this month to misdemeanor simple assault for an incident in the home of crime reporter Elizabeth Dinan in July 2008. He was fined $1,200. A state police trooper who investigated the incident recommended five charges, including three misdemeanor simple assaults, one misdemeanor sexual assault and one misdemeanor criminal trespassing."

But Kelly was like, it's cool man, no sweat, I covered for your buddy Bruce McKay when he stuck that knife toward Ms. B's labia (item 13)...... it's all in the mix.... that bimbo should have given up the nookie anyway.....Here's what Jay from Concord has to say, and it ties in directly with what I've been saying for years:

  • No one should be surprised that he only got a slap on the wrist for something any citizen would be jailed for. Under this AG Cops have license to threaten (State Police), assault (Salisbury Chief), drive drunk (Hooksett Cop), endanger people in Court (Court Officer who shot himself in Court with a unauthorized gun, shoot each other playing Cops and robbers in a ban (Concord Sgt.). Now sexual assault is ok too. When will this end?- Jay, Concord
Now you see why Kelly Ayotte hates to see me coming and threatens me with arrest. She knows I know the Truth about her administration as NH AG. You haters note the nice use of parallel structure in the headline. 

KingCast: Reel use of Kelly Ayotte's English Language; Reel News for Real People.
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  1. Hot Damn!

    I saw someone was reading an older post this morning and this came up:

    Don't forget the Michael Paulhus case, run a word search for it on Chris King blog.

    I have no record that Kelly Ayotte ever saw to it that any of these Nashua LE were punished, even though they violated Miranda and someone, possibly them, destroyed material evidence that made it impossible to ascertain trajectories.

    "Forensic Specialist Paul Erwin Kish + KingCast"


    From Paulhus: “The Defendant’s waiver of his Miranda rights was involuntary as it was induced by the trickery and deceit of the officers, particularly Det. Maloney…. In this case, Det. Maloney and Sgt. Parenteau misrepresented the nature of their investigation from the moment they entered the interrogation room with the defendant....Motion to Suppress GRANTED.

    -Judge Bernard J. Hampsey, Jr., June 30 2005

  2. Holy cow, what a coincidence, someone pointed out the latest round of "missing" emails from Kelly Ayotte:

    .....and guess which one is first? Small wonder she kept stuff like this hid up from the American Public......

    Subject: Kelly Ayotte protects dirtbag cop Fred Hoysradt
    Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 12:03:37 PM
    Kelly Ayotte, you go to hell.

    Go directly to hell and do not pass go.

    Very truly yours,

    -The KingCaster (you know, the one you tried to screw over a few years back).

    25 February 2009
    NH AG Kelly Ayotte gives Fred Hoysradt -- another abusive,
    dangerous cop -- a get out of jail free pass.

    Just as I've said, Kelly Ayotte is the Devil incarnate.
    Here's today's Union Leader story, you know the paper that gave her the "Citizen of the Year" award. What a joke. Visit New Hampshire.... and die!
    PORTSMOUTH – Investigators initially pursued a handful of charges, including sexual assault, against a former police captain who allegedly attacked a reporter for The Portsmouth Herald before the state Attorney Generals Office settled on a deal for a single misdemeanor with no jail time, according to files released yesterday.

    And then I wrote:

    3. The Jarvis case and the Concord cop-on-cop shooting, in which LE shot each other at 4:30 a.m. when they had no business being in the credit union raise troubling questions: Kelly already issued her advisory opinion on Jarvis recommending partial review, so she has thoroughly reviewed the matter. Why are you still withholding the RSA 91-A materials? As to the Concord shooting what is your timeframe on that? How complex could it be? A cop shot a cop where neither of them should have been. Are there drugs or alcohol involved like those clowns in Revere? Do tell. Why the holdup? You decided the Liko Kenney/Bruce McKay matter in a mere 24 hours, and you had a known multiple felon. i.e. Gregory W. Floyd involved with that case.

    4. Ditto the Dion case. You won’t give me information on that but Karen Dion’s brother wrote me last week and said you all had made up your mind. The shooting happened nine (9) months ago. What are you waiting on, the Second Coming of Christ?

    5. You tried to ignore the Michael Paulhus case by writing, “Finally, this office has no documents which are responsive to your request regarding the Nashua PD case you referred to in your September, 4, 2008 e-mail.”

    Are you trying to tell me that the paper lied when it wrote the following statements in this 16 October 2007 story:

    "Ruling in the criminal case, Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge Bernard Hampsey found that police violated Paulhus' rights by questioning him without reading him his Miranda rights while he was in pain from having been shot and despite his desire to consult a lawyer; and by posing as investigators for the state attorney general's office."

    The attorney general's office investigated but never issued a report on the incident.”

    Per RSA 91-A give me any correspondence with the Nashua Telegraph, including requests for retractions or corrections, regarding the above paragraph. This is an ongoing request in perpetuity for the rest of your natural lives. You investigated anti-Mormon phone calls about Mitt Romney but you're telling me that you did not investigate the Nashua shooting? Please.