Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hey Kelly Ayotte, did your people put this COINTELPRO "Bill Christy" - William Frank Christy - character on me?

"Bill Christy" is not a JAG..... but what is he? Who in the hell would follow me around from board to board, three 3 years straight unless the government had something on him to send him to work to try to screw with people like me and folks like the Franconia Collective. And he has the nerve to trash talk me, LOL.

I've got the dossier on this dude now though, thanks to my brilliant online journalism and a bit of luck. And that's all you need to know Bill. And please, no more hysterical phone calls to me like the one you gave me earlier this week or the one noted above. I said this guy was a douchebag all along and I pretty much nailed it.

Well Billy Boy,
Betcha’ didn’t know your ex-girly's son is my neighbor, hahahah….

He says you are from Wrentham, Mass and you:

1.     Had an affair with your neighbor, his mom.
2.     Beat him for getting his bicycle stolen and on other occasions with hands, shoes, belts, etc. and punched him in the face when he was 12.
3.     Beat his mother with same.
4.     Had police routinely at your house in Raymond.
5.     Are not from NH at all but have hopped around between Exeter, Epping, Raymond, etc.  moving your children around in the middle of winter.
6.     Lost custody after a DV episode in Raymond
7.     Had a foreclosure.
8.     Lost jobs as welder at Novel Ironworks and Loading Dock Equipment.
9.     Are not a JAG but are instead an abusive, lying, deceitful sack of sh*t.
10. I’m not getting into your daughter S____’s issue but I hope she prevails and stays clean.

And you and the douchebag “Quiet Man” have the nerve to say I am a drifter, hahahahaa….

You Sir, are a typical Kelly Ayotte supporter and you have been KingCasted.


  1. Now as to the issue with one of his family members -- about the only thing about him that is actually verifiable -- I hope that all turns out all right and the appropriate scum bag(s) get what's coming to them.

    -The KingCaster.

  2. Now I've got your phone number, 302.430.0309 and now that I know you are a goddamn phony, and that you have publicly stated that I have sexually-threatened and physically-threatened people, you can sit back and wait for me to file a claim of Internet stalking on YOU.

    You sorry-assed sack of shit.

    Nigger-Motherfucker THAT, beyotch.

  3. In a response, Bill Christy claims that he was not specifically foreclosed on because it was J____ mother, and does not deny losing jobs.

    He doesn't address his misrepresentations about being from North Country or being a licensed JAG Attorney.

    He does not specifically deny punching J____ in the face.

    We have not discussed J____'s allegations regarding drug use.

    I told him this:

    Christopher King to ccsplumislandm.
    show details 3:36 AM (5 minutes ago)
    Do not further contact me.

    You have told so many lies and spread so many false and defamatory statements about me it shocks me to hear you accuse me of hate mongering.

    Your sense of reality is so twisted that you, like your new BFF Greg Floyd, actually tell other people material lies about military achievement, and you even impersonated a JAG Officer, a potential crime. And you [had sexual relations with] a married woman, knowingly a married woman.

    If you think you have a case, bring it and I will be more than happy to file a countersuit.

    Christopher King, J.D. -- Reel News for Real People.