Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hidin' Kelly: A woman afraid of Free Press and the First Amendment, KingCast v. Ayotte et al. removed to Federal Court, away from in-Court cameras.

Update: 10:24 a.m. Brian Cullen (Devine Millimet Atty for the City, Devine is aware of Kelly Ayotte's malfeasance in the Dave Coltin case, failing to police LE who destroyed evidence, read what they said right here) called me and apparently the other Defendants do not consent to removal as of yet. My Federal Request for TRO is drafted and I'm waiting to find out if I have to go up North to file it.

I want State Courts because I want it closer to me and I want my cameras in the Courtroom.
Some thoughts came to mind after I wrote today's interim post from Nashua, as I piloted the little 650R through the brisk New England evening toward The Hub. In no particular order, then:

1. This UL Editorial "Hidin' Hodes: A man afraid of the people" really irks me because if anyone is afraid of the people, it is Kelly Ayotte, as I told Jean Shaheen's people today.

"This is the way she deals with open government, the First Amendment and the Press" I said..... "She's going to make a horrible Junior Senator."

I told them when I worked for Gephardt in 2004 that never would have happened, it is so uncivilized. Think about it, all Kelly Ayotte had to do after she screwed up the first time was apologize and deal with me by saying "look dude, we'll give you two questions every time you see me and then we ask that you roll video and take pictures." I would have agreed to that, but that's not good enough for Kelly Ayotte & crew, they need to silence the pesky black man who has proved her wrong on several First Amendment issues in the past 5 year but as the Joe McQuaid Nonsense Memorandum proves, even opinionated journalists.... are still journalists.

2. I won't get to video my trial. I can probably order the audio, however, but I won't get to show people how effective I can be in a Courtroom, especially on First Amendment issues. But that's also part of the reason why Federal Court is better for them. They can't be having me destroy their witnesses in front of thousands of viewers throughout the trial. You Internet trolls can trash talk all you want to but you give me a good look at a Jury on a First Amendment case and I'm going to kick some serious tail. Here's some old-school flavor on that note:

3. Kelly Ayotte and all of the Defendants are running from the cameras and trying to run out the clock before Election day by running to Federal Court. Jamie McNamee calls me on the phone this evening at 5:05pm and the following colloquy ensues:

"With all the Federal Claims it's best in Federal Court."
"Nah, they can hear it all right here, simple Reverse Erie Doctrine.
"Well we just think it's a better venue for us."
"Well wherever you go you can't get around the fact that I just showed you the video where Dennis Hogan welcomes me to the Arpaio event with the clear understanding that I'm there as a reporter, then they throw me out under threat of arrest because they don't like what they think I'm going to write and that's viewpoint-based discrimination, and there's State Action.... this claims aren't all getting dismissed out man, something is getting to the Jury and they are going to look at that and it's not going to be any kind of Good for you... All she had to do was let me ask a couple questions, she could even continue to ignore me, I shoot some pictures and write my story, simple."

4. Hence I am filing a Motion for Ex Parte Relief in Federal District Court ASAP, as they expect to file for Removal tomorrow.

5. A white females supporter for Kelly Ayotte over at today's Joe Biden Nashua appearance (iPhone flickr pics nothing good enough for front page) showed me the same kind of attitude that idiot rude Karen Thoman did when I asked her name today after I told her about the case. "I'm Chris King." "I know Kelly very well and I don't need to hear it from you." "Well I don't need to hear it from you, either, I'm 45 years old and this has never happened to me before, somebody threatening to arrest me for asking them a couple questions.... The First Amendment is the First Amendent."

So while this woman had the Good Sense not to slap my camera with a GOP flier or say "None of your business" her attitude was still the same. She never told me her name, but just looked at me as if to say "how dare you have the nerve to question Kelly Ayotte on anything," a lilt of white middle-class hubris dripping off of her tongue. Then I went over my friends' house for a beer, they live a block away from Kelly, heck I used to live in the same damn zipcode as a political candidate who is so scared by a simple blog that she won't dare speak to me, what a hoot.

6. As this case proceeds in Federal Court, it's not just the in-Court cameras the Defendants will need to hide from, I've got my backing you better believe that. Besides, at least now I can save money because of E-filing :)

7. The 650R is best shifted at about 8,300rpm (1,300 after torque and 200 under power peaks) on a night like tonight, and let it just begin to pull again into the next gear, with that parallel twin growl, it is simply mellifluous as this writer noted, much more satisfying to my ear than that ubiquitous multi sound.

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  1. Also, Riddley never should have been charged with Contempt of Court because the damn policy had been changed in 2008, the UL wrote:

    "Electronic devices have been common in New Hampshire courts for years, used by members of the press and members of the public. The updated policy, as a uniform guideline, states that laptop computers, personal digital assistants, cell phones and related electronic devices are allowed in the courtroom unless a presiding justice finds the use of a particular device will disrupt a particular proceeding. Cell phones must be in "silent mode" in court.

    Audio recorders, video cameras, and still cameras are also permitted, including cell phone cameras."