Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Implode-Explode blog tells Kelly Ayotte, GOP that KingCast is owed the same privileges as any other media, no threats of arrest.

Cross post: Firedoglake.
I was waiting to see what the victorious media blog & website had to say about my case vis a vis their case, 
"Good to see you fighting the good fight to hold onto what is left of our vanishing "First Amendment" rights. 

Yes, not only is it Bill Chapman's opinion that you should be able to come and go freely (like the traditional media) when reporting on political candidates and politicians, but the New Hampshire Supreme Court decision in our case (The Mortgage Specialists vs. Implode-Explode Heavy Industries) explicitly says you are the media (its based on what you do, not who you are, who pays you, who approves of you, what your personal views and affiliations are, or what your certifications are).....

.....Anyway, both parties, as well as corporations, need to be kept in check, and the free press (open to all) is the best and (last remaining) way to do it. 
Which is of course why they are doing everything they can to stop us from having 1st amendment rights in practice."

But of course the GOP and Kelly Ayotte are basically telling Bill Chapman and the First Amendment to go to hell, as noted in this post, notwithstanding the fact that I am clearly a journalist, as noted in this post.

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