Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

KingCast explains winning and losing to Nashua PD's Brian Cullen and to GOP Kelly Ayotte counsel Mary Tenn.

The Union Leader -- a paper that called KingCast a clumsy Jesse Jackson wannabe -- has hailed Mary Tenn as someone who is "fiercely intelligent with common sense to go with it."

Smart this: If her client "wins" she will have won the right to exclude someone recognized by award-winning journalists as a journalist, without a single journalistic Ethics claim against him and without any finding of defamatory conduct or event interruptions, to be banned from covering publicly-advertised GOP events.

All because of Kelly Ayotte and GOP viewpoint-based discrimination. Is that the way America really operates?
Also, why is it that as of 4:03 pm on the eve of a hearing, the Defendants cannot tell me whether they are filing a damn Removal to Federal Court when they ALL have had figurative and Actual knowledge of this lawsuit for about a week.

Just stop and think about all of that while I finish my Offer of Proof video, noting inter alia that Nashua GOP Chair Dennis Hogan welcomed me to the Joe Arpaio event with the express understanding that I was there as a reporter. The video will appear in this space later this evening.

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