Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, October 29, 2010

KingCast getting lots of hits from dumb-assed racist crackers at Niggermania.

They seem to think they are not white supremacists, whatever they are I don't even bother to read their crap, but they read my work as they support that First-Amedment hatin' GOP/Tea Party toady Kelly Ayotte, who owes me a response in Federal Court for Free Press violations. This particular tool appears to be Terrence L. Cuper of 114 Wood Hollow Dr. Cary, NC, all public records my friend.

Okay so it's not white supremacy, just a bunch of dumb-assed white folks sittin' round thinking their shit don't stink, while they fume at the fact that their not as smart as a dumb-assed porch monkey nigger who "got his nigger ass thrown out."

Screw you and the glue factory KKK horses you rode in on, you don't even have the sack to publicly identify yourselves you flippin' cowards. I'd tell it to you straight to your face if you had the courage to say who you are but you don't because you're just a bunch of dumb-assed punk-assed crackers.

Wonder how much these dirtbags contributed to Kelly Ayotte's campaign, prolly a bit more than Taxmasters, those Texas dirtbags being sued by Texas AG for continued and rampant Fraud.

Fraud committed against Good White People, I might add. Watch the Good White People at FOX News describe it right here.

Well you crackers just got owned by a nigger, ha-ha.


  1. I'd laugh like hell to see a comment from the dude, "I'm offended by your comments and opinion nigger.... I was reading about you at Niggermania...."

    Whatever dude.

    -The KingCaster.

  2. Now of course it could be a really chill dude who was just happening to do research on Niggermania and happened to be reading the thread.

    If so I apologize for the accusation.

    If so, give a shout, shoot me an email with your picture and let's see when we can have a beer so I can help you with your research!

    -The KingCaster.