Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

KingCast laughs as idiot tool Kelly Ayotte supporter at LPi Printing found in violation of Hazardous waste violations.

The same ignorant tool atStorekeeper blogwho writes in to challenge me on being a journalist should take some time to clean up his own backyard, ahem:   Hahahaha.... you say I'm not a reporter, well report THIS:

11/22/06: MassDEP entered into a Consent Order with a $4,600 Penalty involving LPI Printing & Graphics, Inc., .for Hazardous Waste Management violations in Stoneham. LPI failed to submit its annual Environmental Results Program certifications prompting MassDEP to issue a Notice of Noncompliance in October 2004. When LPI failed to respond, MassDEP inspected the facility and found hazardous waste storage and recordkeeping violations. Also, it was discovered that LPI was using non-compliant press cleaning solutions. In addition to the Penalty, LPI agrees to immediately begin use of compliant press wash solutions, and assure that all additional violations identified are corrected. The future use of these compliant solutions by LPI will, based on previous yearly totals of solution used, and will result in the elimination of approximately 3.4 tons per year of volatile organic compound (VOC) fugitive air emissions from the facility.
Hmmm..... Working on another "Civil Action" movie were we?

But Kelly Ayotte probably would have given them a pass, to hell with the environment, and Global Warming exists no more, another Ayotte flip-flop.

Thanks for helping me to make my point though, hombre.


  1. Yeah! Good one! I didn't work there prior to 2007 and I don't own the place or run the pressroom so I fail to see how that has anything to do with me... Just more of your half-assed reporting proving once again you are not a REAL reporter.
    My suspiscion is though that this is your way of proving to me you know who I am and how I should fear the KingCaster and his irrefuteable journalism skills! Don't hold your breath! Keep blogging though, someday maybe you can write for a real newspaper like the National Enquirier or Weekly World News. They could use a crack reporter like you to bust the Area 51 story wide open!

  2. Well yah I do know who you are, I make it a point to do that when I get anonymous hecklers, I figure hey anything we can say to each other we can say to each other's faces and real names :)

    Nah, I don't need to work for Major Press, I've already been there and done that, Sir.

    And I never said you were involved in the mess, did I?

    Nope, I said you needed to watch your backyard, which was very dirty in recent history.

    As to major press, I help get them sued as previously noted in Marinova v. Boston Herald, ahem.


    And be safe and Good Luck on your return to Active Service. I may not agree with the Presidents, or with war, but when our troops head out and they (you) make that Conscious Decision to do so, I respect you all the way.

    Lots of military in my family, Uncle Joe went the highest but sheez, I got 4 Uncles and 2 first cousins who saw Active Duty and several other who did ROTC.

    -The KingCaster.

  3. Thanks, Chris! I appreciate the well wishes and enjoyed the back an forth banter. You have served as an entertaining distraction. I look forward to chatting with you upon my return!

    Good luck with the blog, et al...


  4. 6:52
    When you return, first round's on me, brother.


  5. Sorry about the "angry liberal mobster" comment... I don't believe you are a liberal anymore. I also no longer believe you are going after Ayotte because of her views on anything or her politics but rather on her record as an AG which regardless of whether or not I agree with you about her record as AG is pretty much irrelevant. After spending as much time as I have on your blog I firmly believe you have issues with the job she has done and as much as I don't think she has done a bad job as AG you are certainly entitled to feel the way you do and go after her as you have. I still think she has the right to ignore and not answer but you are not wrong to try.

    Thanks for laughs, the the anger, the banter and the exchange!

    See you before you know it!


  6. Right on Paul.

    And I will continue to support the Servicemen and women, LE and firefighters whom I believe deserve credit for the hard and life-threatening work that you do.

    Take a look:

    One firefighter said:

    "You got 100 floors of offices and you don't find a single desk. You don't find a chair. You don't even find a phone."

    I looked in all of these spaces as the firefighters did their job, gingerly stepping from one beam to the next, and yet I found nothing more than they did. What I DID find in that negative space is a lot of hatred and despair. And who created that hatred and despair? Not us. Not any of us as individuals, in any country, but rather the governments that we elected. It is so sad. I don't vote for my government to kill people and I abhor War in general but it will always be there in part because it's a cash cow and in part because absolute power corrupts absolutely, as Mr. Graff and perhaps in some ways Franz Kafka's Problem of our Laws so aptly addresses......

  7. PS: New England News and Press Association (NENPA) thanks me for being a 2011 guest panelist.