Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

KingCast meets more women against Ayotte, meanwhile Ayotte's buddy Joe Arpaio dodges CNN interview over his crumbling fiefdom.

As to Joe Arpaio, My Main Man Steve Lemmons broke it down right here, so I in turn am sending him this post with (some of) Kelly Ayotte's documented history of cover-up for abusive LE, caught on video, to follow and to precede her wherever she goes!

As a staunch supporter of the First Amendment and our U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights I'm certain Kelly would have it no other way, she loves this stuff I'm sure she does. Don't forgot my interview with Joe Arpaio and my would-be interview with Candidate Kelly right here.

Here's a woman from Franconia against Ayotte, a new Facebook friend:

"I just found your videos & blog on Ayotte - AWESOME JOB!
I too was harassed by the Franconia police department to the point of having to leave town...
This woman scares me as bad as the Franconia police did 20 years ago...
Thank you for your work!

They harassed me, followed me to and from work, parked in my driveway and watched everything I did. They questioned my neighbors & friends about me...they harassed me until I left town. I was a single mother to my oldest son, just the 2 of us.

No one helped and Liko died because of them. This man was a monster and protected by Ayotte!
I think back and I was so young, I never realized how bad it really was, this woman deserves NOTHING. Certainly not power of any kind.I did neglect to tell you that the man I previously dated around this time, was found wrapped in a sheet on the side of the Kangamangus Highway by a hiker collecting wood, he had been shot in the back of the head.
His name was Joey Shaheen."

Anyway, I also had a chat with Irene Minnon and am again telephoning the Concord Monitor to find out why they haven't posted my reply comments noting that I lived in NH for almost 7 years, until last year. Writes Ms. Minnon:
Ayotte failed the citizens of New Hampshire as attorney general. She refused to accept responsibility for her department's inaction against a mortgage scam which cost some residents their life savings. She lied to the governor and Executive Council about fulfilling her commitment when reappointed to her position. She took a case against Planned Parenthood to the Supreme Court where she claimed she won, but where she actually lost. How much did that cost us? She was ordered to pay the defendants' legal fees which cost the state $300,000.

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