Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

KingCast photography graces anti-racism "Take a Stand" women's scrapbook memoir:

Well, as I say, I've been involved in photojournalism off and on now for twenty (20) some years.... but it was quite a pleasant surprise to hear from Bettyann Schmidt, who bristles at the notion set forth by some meatheads like "Bill (motherfucker this, nigger that) Christy" that I am in any ways anti woman or racist.  From my offline collection (actually this one is online also, however) she selected a group of multiracial children playing in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine district. The original 1989 picture appeared here. Her blog entry linked to the picture is here.

Says Ms. Schmidt: 
"I saw a photo I believe you took -- that was on a blog page of yours -- little kids, both white and black, in Cincinnati, the Over-the-Rhine area.  Looks like Vine Street.  I would like to use this photo for a blog I write for.  I will credit you of course.  The blog post is about when I moved to Tennessee in the '60s and for the first time in my life saw racism.  I was terribly homesick for Cincy, and this made it worse.  I want to depict the difference in the two cities, the one I left and the one I moved to.  Appreciate it.  And I like your First Amendment site.  You're an agent for change to be sure." 
PS: Over The Rhine is also a great band. 

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