Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, October 7, 2010

KingCast Quincy Cocaine Road Rage and Kelly Ayotte First Amendment Update: Norfolk Superior 8 Oct. 2pm pretrial; Ayotte always out of Rule.

While I'm certainly busy keeping up with Kelly Ayotte's patent Free Press/First Amendment violations (under her watch the State failed to produce statutorily-mandated 1996 Right-to-Know Committee report) that I keep tabs on. Here I'm just keeping you informed on the case that everyone seems to have forgotten about. It used to be front page news, what with gunplay, romance and cocaine involved of course it was front page news.... but newsflash, the case is still going on. Meanwhile there are some intense discussions going on with someone in the community regarding cocaine and bad behavior of everyone involved, some of which is or could be germane and some of which is not. Read the comments to the YouTube radio show.

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Back to Kelly Ayotte's malfeasance: The AP story that disappeared noted that Kelly Ayotte also blew it on Ethics reporting, no surprise there. Nope, no journalism going on at this blog, yah right. Oh, wait... it's journalism that some people don't like, and it questions authority, therefore it's not journalism.... I get it. But wait again.... Isn't that supposed to be what the First Amendment and Freedom of the Press is all about? You know, the right to Petition your Government for redress, etc. etc. blah blah blah....

The New Hampshire Sunday News reviewed how the state has handled the major ethics reform legislation that Gov. John Lynch championed during his first campaign and which took effect in June 2006. It found that although more than 2,000 candidates, public employees and elected and appointed officials are submitting financial disclosure forms to the secretary of state's office, the forms haven't been uploaded to the Internet for public inspection as the law requires.

The attorney general's office also hasn't examined the documents or made sure all who are required to file have done so. Attorney General Kelly Ayotte says her office plans to do so as soon as possible.

"It's not that it's not a priority; it's the next set of reports we're going to review," Ayotte said........

Ayotte's office is required to examine each disclosure form and make sure all who are required to file them do so. The secretary of state's office, meanwhile, was supposed to post the forms online "as soon as is practical."

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