Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, October 15, 2010

KingCast says Granite Grok knows NH GOP's Ryan WIlliams is a fascist, right-wing jackass too!

Here's a 13 Oct. 2010 Granite Grok entry. And the Good Thing is that he is the Communications Director for the GOP NH, so it makes perfect sense to sue him individually and in his Official Capacity, along with the Party itself, and Kelly Ayotte for her shenanigans in Manchester, threatening to arrest me at a publicly-advertised Facebook campaign event. Says Grok: 
We make waves.  Sure, we'll get wet once in a while with spray back, but GraniteGrok is not doing its job if we aren't making waves for the proper reasons. What are those reasons?  If you aren't hewing to Constitutional ideals and traditional values, put your slickers on.
And if the NH GOP doesn't like it, they can go screw themselves into the nearest hardwood available... 
No new posts until I finish the lawsuit, which is referenced directly below and will be built in that space over the weekend.
He's a tool, a fascist Right Wing Pig, Hitler Youth Wannabe, ALT + Control + Delete First Amendment hater, just like his boss Kelly Ayotte. How much did it cost to reconstruct all of these emails she deleted because she allegedly thought that RSA 91-A Right to Know didn't apply to them? Come on, if New Hampshire votes her in to office over Paul Hodes all I can say is "caveat emptor."

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