Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

KingCast says "What, Kelly.... tell me this isn't journalism... I guess not, since no major media published it."

So......I mean sure, I believe the Littleton Courier did publish the fact that your hero Bruce McKay violated pursuit and OC Spray policies, but for the most part the major media kind of gave you a pass on the fact that neither your nor the Town of Franconia conducted an analysis of the (im)propriety of Bruce McKay's actions.  As you recall, Bruce McKay couldn't get a road named after him he was such an abusive person, putting a knife toward Ms. B's labia in threatening manner in a complaint ignored by the AG's Office. (Item 13). Journalism that Kelly Ayotte hates and would outlaw if she could.

Bonus: How can you now say that I'm not a journalist when you treated me as one when you provided me the media packet containing the above picture, in the lobby with all the other journalists? Kelly Ayotte, you are one deceitful and shady candidate for U.S. Senate.


  1. Bonus: A real journalist would have way more than a homemade blog and YouTube videos that any whackjob can post.
    Clearly you couldn't earn a living as a journalist so you headed to law school where you learned the art of manipulating reality through litigation. Your parents must be so proud that you have to chase around a mother and military wife to attempt to make a name for yourself and your crowning achievement is a letter of appreciation from the Mayor of Nashua, NH... (yawn)... Pulitzer or letter of appreciation from the Mayor of Nashua... Hmmm... decisions, decisions!
    Well, keep antagonizing and annoying. It won't matter. Ayotte will win the Senate seat regardless. Nobody takes you, your Blog or your YouTube videos seriously. Ooops, sorry, the Mayor of Nashua apparently does. I wouldn't want to slight such a highly esteemed leader of the free world as the Mayor of Nashua. It must be such an honor to be in his presence. I noticed he didn't give you a key to the city though. You must have to save kittens from burning buildings for that honor.

  2. Well actually there are some folks out in Arizona at a major paper who dig what I do as well, and I will soon be doing a lot more with video throughout Greater Boston and New England.

    Nah, asshat, I chose to enter law school so I would know my rights and know when they are being violated, as will be proved in a Court of Law. And actually my videos are quite good, and they document the ongoing Constitutional violations manifest by your Pal Kelly.

    You don't have to take me seriously asshat. You just have to tolerate me, something you and Kelly have a hard time doing for some reason.

    Because you're a tool :)

    I've already said Kelly will be elected. My point is to document her malfeasance so that I can always say "I told you so" when she screws over the American Public as Senator.

    Meet you at the premier of Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains where you can trash talk Casey Sherman as well, how 'bout that.

    People like you suck because you want to believe that all media has to be YOUR WAY or no way, and you will never learn that you went and fought for the freedoms that I enjoy.

    Because you're a tool :)

  3. Oh, wait: Back to the point.

    Is it journalism or not, to post the picture above? Yes.

    Did Kelly Ayotte already recognize me as a journalist? Yes.

    Did Casey Sherman congratulate me on my investigative reporting? Yes.
    (You conveniently left him out of the analysis)

    Are you a tool? Yes.


    PS: Nashua doesn't give keys to the City. I got the best of what the City has to offer, and BTW His Honor is a fairly conservative Republican, and he was the longest-tenure of anyone on the Governor's & Executive Council, so you would do well to

    1. Educate yourself for a change
    2. Respect your elders


  4. PS: The lawyers who helped Davey Kenney file that lawsuit definitely care about my opinion.... that's what you hate. Go ahead, go smash something up like Michael Douglas and blame some Immigrants and blacks for your inner level of frustration that you admit to having.

  5. Go ahead and trash talk this video about my work with schoolchildren:

    But of course I couldn't be running a nonprofit because I didn't initially list it on my Blogger profile.