Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, October 22, 2010

Nashua Telegraph coverage of KingCast v. GOP, Ayotte et al., with Dennis Hogan and Jeff Grappone lying and showing contempt for the First Amendment.

Note: New Hearing Date on TRO/Injunctive Relief = 9:00 a.m. Wednesday, 27 Oct. 2010 What planet are the GOP inhabiting?

Nashua Republican City Chair Dennis Hogan actually stated:
“He left voluntarily. I know that from his own video,” Hogan said.

Here's today's story by Patrick Meighan.

Let's start with Kelly Ayotte media man Jeff Grappone and my response:

This is baseless and we will file a motion to dismiss,” said Jeff Grappone, spokesman for the Ayotte campaign.

.....Yeah Jeff, the same way that you said the ALT+CONTROL+ DELETE email production lawsuit was an "election year stunt."

You guys just hate the First Amendment, that much is clear. And of course with Judge Lynn on the bench who thinks my activities are "nonsense" you have a fighting chance of winning, I'm just here to convey all of the relevant facts to the public.

That's what journalists do, whether you like it or not, my friend.

[So Jeff, let's see just how far you and a reprimanded Judge who thinks KingCast is "nonsense" will go to set back the First Amendment, and to show the World just what's it's like to practice journalism in the "Live Free or Die" State..... I'm just here to expose each and every step of our journey to the World Public. See you in Court.]

And I almost always win First Amendment cases and I push it hard against Dems and Repblicans, watch Democratic County Commish Mary Jo Kilroy get an earful from Columbus School Board member Loretta Heard back in 1998, and watch Judge Lynn's nasty attitude toward me in 2006 all in one video:

Now, then, on to the substance, Dennis Hogan, you are crazy. Have you forgotten that I have the audio of our conversation that day?

You say I was not forcibly removed, have you seen the pictures taken by other media with three police officers running me out the door, and on video you can hear them stating that I am going to be arrested both at Arpaio and at VFW. And at VFW the cop clearly says I will be arrested if I try to go in, THAT is what is on the video Man, what planet are you on?

And of course they threatened to call the police 

Mexican Standoff video with all 3 violations:

Ayotte public Facebook rally.

Arpaio public rally:

Wow Counselor, if that is the best you can do it's no small surprise that you didn't know you can't represent both husband and wife in a divorce proceeding.

You really should have kept your mouth shut like the other GOP mook because a Jury will find you entirely disingenuous, but thanks for the public statements Counselor.

Very Truly Yours, -- Reel News for Real People

PS: The Lawsuit Hillsborough 2010-E-333 and the Motion for Reconsideration, prompting the TRO Hearing on 27 October 2010.


  1. The first amendment has to do with congress making a law about speech. It has nothing to do with an ass hole who is trying to make trouble because he wants to get famous as a blogger, and makes trouble and obstructs and subverts the electoral system. A reporter reports the news. You were trying to MAKE news, which is a different thing. It is too bad that you made our Nashua Police explain it to you. Hang around in New Hampshire a little longer and you might learn more about what the Constitution actually says, not what your puppeteers have told you it says.

  2. You don't know jack shit about the First Amendment, I have won First Amendment trials you idiot, and I've hung around New Hampshire long enough, lived there for 6.5 years and have a First Amendment Mayoral Commendation from a Republican Mayor.

    There would be no news to make if the jackass Republicans didn't threaten to arrest me, I would just ask a few questions, make my video and move on.

    Go back under the rock whence you came you stupid jackass.

  3. PS: Bill O'Reilly agrees with me, if it's wrong for Dems to do it, it's wrong for Republicans to do it:

    Later Hater.

  4. PS:

    Bring your stupid ass to the hearing and tell me what you have to say to me face to face so I can get you on camera, stand proud of what you have to say, right.

    Don't be shy, don't be an Internet coward, a lowly troll.