Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, October 1, 2010

Nashua Telegraph covers KingCast ACLU & City Attorney Complaint against Kelly Ayotte & GOP for First Amendment violations.

Cocky? Show me a better privateer campaign video in New England, I'd love to see it.
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Above: KingCast vintage video: Schooling the government on a First Amendment case of State v. Doyle, 1998. To those of you just now reading this blog, I almost never lose a First Amendment issue, and even the one I lost in another State v. Doyle case allowed him to speak before City Council, something that had been denied without Just Cause for 8 months or so. And in Michael Isreal's case he told a cop he was racist and took a beat down, we won in criminal court and sued in Federal Court and after that I got the cops found to have made him a victim of violent crime, V96-61481 search it. Or you can see it here with more vintage KingCast video involving Mr. Isreal on a Jury walk.

I cover murder trials including the Revere Dan Talbot Murder and large circulation papers use my photos.

And of course in Nashua, NH City Attorney Bennett found me (and Alderman Teeboom, a conservative white male and friend of mine) to be correct in the Julia Earl (what a loser) Unconstitutional speech restrictions, read the Telegraph coverage and watch a John McCain LE body slam of AZ protester Liz Hourican. Then Mayor Streeter gave me a First Amendment Mayoral Commendation.

Boston writer Casey Sherman just finished the screenplay adaptation of "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains, and Casey, retired Franconia/Sugar Hill LE Bradford Whipple all agree that former NH AG and U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte conducted no real investigation into the actions of Gregory Floyd in the Franconia shooting tragedy, watch a video about that, Hollywood movie coming soon.

My blog is called Chris King's 1st Amendment Page for a reason. It is largely a walk through my life as someone who has worked for large newspapers, tried Civil Rights cases, put up a bunch of wireless towers and who is now a video journalist on his own, sometimes contributing to larger press, including WBZ, watch that feature on the record Scott Hyman $1.7M Anti-Semitic trial, where I rap with other media at co-Plaintiff Scott & Julie Prescott's Lakeville/Hemlock Association home.

Lastly, Officer Hargreaves was civil toward me, yes, but he also watched Karen Thoman strike my camera before using her paperwork as a shield, and instead of admonishing her, he admonished me, you didn't mention that in your story. You and I have quaffed some beers, Sir and you know me to be a reasonable man.

Here then are the complaints:

Any reasonable person can learn a lot here, and I watch my tracker, many of them do just that.

As to the story, Here it is, more on this later. Just read it, on the move.

King also announced in an e-mail his intent to attend an event at 10 a.m. Saturday at VFW Post 483 Hall on Quincy Street. John McCain, the Republican U.S. Senator from Arizona and former presidential candidate, will introduce Ayotte at the rally.
It’s uncertain how Ayotte’s campaign will respond to King’s presence. A phone call to Ayotte’s communications director wasn’t returned Thursday afternoon.
However, in an e-mail King laid out how he expected to be treated.
“Please advise, in writing, if there is any special press requirements equally applied to all media,” King wrote in an e-mail sent to Ayotte and to various others, including Telegraph reporters.
“Your people will be polite and respectful, and not lunge at, or touch any of my property or me personally,” King wrote.
A video of the Sept. 12 fundraiser posted on KingCast showed a campaign worker using papers to block King’s camera. He also was removed from the Crowne Plaza hotel by police at the request of GOP officials.
King said the police were used as henchmen for the Republican Party......
The video shows police officers being polite and asking King several times to leave. But the incident raises questions of whether the fundraiser was private or public. On one hand, people were required to buy a ticket to hear Arpaio talk. On the other, the GOP heavily promoted the event with press releases and allowed reporters from a number of media outlets to attend.
Attorney William L. Chapman, who does not represent The Telegraph, pointed to a May 6 decision by the N.H. Supreme Court in which justices rejected arguments in a lawsuit that the owners of a website weren’t excluded from newsgathering privilege.
Chapman represented the defendant, a company called Implode-Explode Heavy Industries Inc., which operated a website that reported on mortgage companies. Implode-Explode, which foresaw the coming mortgage crisis four years before it hit, was sued by The Mortgage Specialists Inc. for defamation.
Quoting another court decision, the justices noted in the ruling, “Freedom of the press is a fundamental personal right which is not confined to newspapers and periodicals. ... The press in its historic connotation comprehends every sort of publication which affords a vehicle of information and opinion.
“The informative function asserted by representatives of the organized press ... is also performed by lecturers, political pollsters, novelists, academic researchers, and dramatists. Almost any author may quite accurately assert that he is contributing to the flow of information to the public...”
That ruling suggests that opinioned bloggers are also journalists, Chapman said.
“I can think of no case where a blogger would be treated differently (than a print journalist under the law),” Chapman said.
As to Attorney Bennett's attempted demurer, it is his job to inform the Police Department. I doubt  would win a Mandamus Action, but I might pull one anyway because it's clearly not frivolous. Attorney Chapman's comments prove as much. Reel News for Real People.


  1. From the Telegraph story:

    "He said he was using a zoom lens, that's obviously a lie because the lady's arm doesn't come with a similar feature."

    .....It's called an elbow, you tool. The video speaks for itself, Karen Thoman reached up and swatted my damn camera.

    "Other "journalists" would like to participate too."

    .....Exactly what other journalist did I prevent from participating? I allowed the other reporters to finish questioning Joe Arpaio, then I politely asked him about the failed policy in NH that Kelly Ayotte ruled Unconstitutional 5 years ago, and I asked her the same question. When I asked her, there weren't even any other reporters around. And the other photographers weren't disturbed in the least, they had plenty of time to take pictures of me being subjected to arrest.

    You're just pissed off because Attorney Chapman said I'm correct. You are a complete tool, sorry.

    Get your door prizes on the left.
    -The KingCaster.

  2. Tool... Is that your favorite insult or the only one you have mastered the use and spelling of?

  3. 6:17

    No, but it's the best one to fit you.


  4. Funny, in my nearly 40 years on the planet you are the only person to ever to use it on me. Another shining example of your isolated and solitary opinions not shared by anybody else...

  5. 8:02 Funny, first time I've ever been locked out of any meeting open to the press so I guess there's a first time for everything, eh?

    Well Paul, here's The Deal:

    As I noted, I have said good things about Kelly Ayotte as well. If I were to show up at her events, which are open to all other journalists, and say only good things, Kelly would have no problem with me. But she can't have it that way brother, doesn't work like that in America.


    As to my acumen as a journalist, I'm clearly a journalist. History as a reporter with a daily and an editor with a weekly, radio shows over the past several months and a new assignment coming shortly.

    Your contention that I somehow become something less than a journalist because I have probing or negative questions for Kelly does not hold Constitutional muster, pure and simple.

    Plus I never disrupted anything at any rally, and you saw the Gentlemen who is the Professor at Dartmouth noted "we were having a good conversation."

    'Nuff sed.

  6. PS: Personal and political differences aside, be safe and Good Luck on your return to Active Service. I may not agree with the Presidents, or with war, but when our troops head out and they (you) make that Conscious Decision to do so, I respect you all the way.

    Lots of military in my family, Uncle Joe went the highest but sheez, I got 4 Uncles and 2 first cousins who saw Active Duty and several other who did ROTC.

    -The KingCaster.