Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obama's Andrew McLaughlin watches Kelly Ayotte, GOP scurry to Federal Court, stalling and hiding from KingCast & Ridley Report Cameras in Free Press lawsuit.

I will be electronically filing my Renewed Motion for TRO and Immediate Injunctive Relief this morning after the Defendants file their Removal to Federal Court. Read the Free Press First Amendment Complaint and Petition for Injunctive Relief in KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, GOP & Nashua PD Hillsborough 2010-E-333, as well as yesterday's Press release, noting that Thomas Jefferson and the other accredited Founding Fathers did not intend to create a political World where Candidates can pick and chose which reporters to allow to publicly-advertised events staffed by municipal police in uniforms. I explained Viewpoint-based discrimination to several people all three times I was threatened with unlawful arrest, including the mook who threatened to call the uber-abusive Manchester Police on me. Said mook will soon appear in the video thumbnail. Here is the Nashua Telegraph lawsuit coverage.

Kelly Ayotte and the GOP are going to take some serious hits in this case as noted in my Sistrunk Memorandum because they have involved State Actors, and you can't have State Actors engaging in unlawful viewpoint discrimination, even in a nonpublic forum as I told an AC360 Attorney yesterday at a Boylston Street kiosk. Note further that even if the forum is found to be nonpublic, the Government may not have a hand in unlawful Prior Restraint based on viewpoint-based discrimination. To wit, Bishop v. Reagan-Bush '84 Committee 819 F.2d 289, C.A.6 (Ohio 1987).
If, however, the forum is found to be nonpublic, “[t]he Government's decision to restrict access ... need only be reasonable; it need not be the most reasonable or the only reasonable limitation.” Cornelius, 105 S.Ct. at 3453 (emphasis in original). But “[t]he existence of reasonable grounds for limiting access to a nonpublic forum ... will not save a regulation that is in reality a facade for viewpoint-based discrimination.” Id. at 3454. Citing Cornelius v. NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., 473 U.S. 788, 105 S.Ct. 3439 U.S.Dist. (Col.,1985)
KingCast flat out told all of the State Actors and Di Lothrop and anyone standing in the immediate vicinity at the public invite Joe Arpaio Rally that “I am being singled out to leave, and this is viewpoint-based discrimination.”

Deval Patrick and I are no great friends, I have criticized him openly but guess what? He doesn't trot out the jack-booted thugs to arrest me, no indeed he lets me roll video right next to him, because I'm a journalist, what a concept.

Mr. McLaughlin read this post about Hidin' Kelly. He knows my work already because he was The Man over at Harvard's Citizen Media blog while I was busy securing First Amendment Justice for Derrick Gillenwater when I was "Boston Bob." Two Boston lawyers had this kid so beat up in a legal malpractice case that local courts had ruled he couldn't even blog the fact that his counsel were found to have committed Ineffective Assistance of Counsel. Then the Courts got my blog stricken but I got that situation straightened out quick, fast and in a hurry, and my exposure of the embarrassing situation and Petition to the Massachusetts ACLU resulted in Proskauer Rose et al. filing scathing Memoranda that echoed my sentiments, often word-for-word, on the Jeffrey Denner and Kevin Barron blogs. Both lawyers finally settled when the First Amendment aspect of the case go to the High Court, 2009-SJ-265, Do your Googling.

But I digress. The GOP has really stepped in it this time, threatening to arrest me, then with Nashua GOP Chair and County Attorney Candidate Dennis Hogan accepting me in, then kicking me out of publicly-advertised events under threat of arrest just because I ask a few pesky questions of Kelly Ayotte. Look Kelly it's not my fault that Crime novel writer Casey Sherman loved my work and credits me for helping him in writing the book and Hollywood screenplay "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" as noted in the lawsuit. Nor is it my fault that well-respected Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Attorneys Harold Burbank and Charles O'Leary liked my work well enough to bring them to jointly represent the Estate of Liko Kenney  in Kenney v. Gregory Floyd et al. in Federal Court with a status conference hearing in Case No. 2010-CV-181 the day before the Election.

Floyd, as noted in the video, is Kelly Ayotte's hero but he's really just a synthetic drug-dealing multiple felon who stole the Virgin Mary, repeatedly violated 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) and went on to criminally threaten his neighbor with a gun immediately after Kelly gave him a pass on murder charges......

While the links have mysteriously disappeared and I'll have to repost the documents, take a look at what she hid about Gregory Floyd's multiple felon past, and how she never explained how the windshield bullet got in Liko Kenney's windshield while clearing the currently-incarcerated creep for the murder of Liko Kenney in just 24 hours. Read his rap sheet, most of which Kelly hid from the American Public but I inform Lieutenant George McNeil's classroom all about it in this video post.  The cop, Bruce McKay -- whose wife spent time in a safe house as noted in this video about Momma Grizzly Kelly Ayotte -- was so rogue that he couldn't even get a road named after him, watch my testimony in SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway hearings.

Here's Casey Sherman's "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" book launch, Dorothy Aufiero is the movie's Producer and at bottom is Bad Blood2, with Casey Sherman, retired Franconia and Sugar Hill LE Brad Whipple and I, Your Humble Narrator.....
So I take it back: It is indeed largely my fault, I accept responsibility and I'm damn proud of it because it is proven efficacy of how a Free Press works...... even if the Ayotte supporters over at Niggermania salute her for "throwing my nigger ass out" because I am "messing with the system." 

The major papers never showed the Bruce McKay Tahoe tyre tracks or the lack of fingerprint evidence or the fact that Gregory Floyd went home with Liko Kenney's live ammunition in his shirt pocket, proving that he likely inserted a second magazine into Liko Kenney's gun to make it appear that he was trying to reload, thereby justifying Floyd's homicide. Very few large papers openly discussed the fact that Bruce McKay violated pursuit and OC Spray protocol as I discussed. In fact, I only saw it clearly noted in the Littleton Courier story.

It's all going to come out in the wash, in large part thanks to Yours Truly, and that -- in addition to my other work in exposing bad journalists at the Boston Herald and getting Joanna Marinova counsel to sue the Herald and WDHD Channel 7 Suffolk Superior 2010-CV-01316 (watch the video and look at the pretty pictures) is precisely why the Court should immediately protect my Free Press Rights, subject only to RSA 644 et seq. Breach of the Peace.

Further information -- a wealth of it -- is maintained at YouTube Channel KingCast65.

Very Truly Yours,

By and through Christopher King, J.D.

KingCast: Reel News for Real People.

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