Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, October 15, 2010

Whoa...... Christopher King threatens to kill President Obama.....

Unbelievable the things I find when I search my tracker. Some Yayhoo stepped in it, big time, read the Brattleboro Reformer story. While that's no laughing matter, I do find it kind of funny because I fully plan to shoot the President with a Canon tomorrow at High Noon.

Same way I shot Governor Patrick, Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray and James Taylor at the South End rally.....

Commit murder, heck no, I'm much to busy finishing my lawsuit against U.S. Senate Candidate Kelly Ayotte, Nashua and NH GOP, and the Nashua police for arresting me when I come to shoot them. Some of my best friends are Republicans, and even they can't believe it. It's sad but true.... some people actually hate the First Amendment.

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  1. Hey Kelly, Ryan, Di, Ryan.... Look at the video thumbnail...... Notice which side of the fence I'm on, you meatheads. I'm sure the Jury will take note.

    Fascist tools.