Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Monday, November 22, 2010

Charlie Bauer stops by for a visit. He's a lying hateful attorney too, but I busted his client Martin Dunn laughing about prison rape.

No time to waste on this guy, but read the Court Transcript beneath the picture of Bauer and his emotionally-damaged, headache-havin' diarrhea-spewin', sleep-losing client, fired Jaffrey NH Police Chief Martin "Dip-Shitz" "Slime-bag" Dunn. 

Note: Those quotes and admissions of mental/emotional health first came from Dunn's white peers, co-workers and lawyers, not me. I'm just Your Humble Narrator wondering if Meshugana Marty is going to need some Ludovico Technique: An endless procession of KingCast and YouTube KingCast65 Civil Rights movies will be played before him until he is wholly incapable of being a "Dip-Shitz" "Slime-bag."

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