Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

KingCast slammed Senator Kelly Ayotte as NH AG with this NAACP Memorandum in Ayotte v. King, 2005-E-430, Judge Groff presiding.

Remember this post yesterday where I found the 6 Oct. 2006 Entry from Judge Groff denying Summary Judgment and finding that Senator-Elect Kelly Ayotte violated the Rules of Civil Procedure? Well the Court was being quite charitable to Kelly in not mentioning the fact that I had filed a rather damning NAACP First Amendment Legal Brief just prior to dismissal.

His Honor didn't mention the Memorandum in his Order denying Summary Judgment, but you had better believe if Kelly Ayotte thought she had the beans to get me for Unauthorized Practice of Law, she would have gone to trial. And I would have videotaped each and every agonizing moment of Kelly and Attorney Stratton getting their behinds handed to them by Yours Truly. Wherefore, she dismissed the "case" against me.

Along the way, however,I totally busted Senator-Elect Kelly Ayotte for an attempted ex post facto application of New Hampshire Law, specifically then HB 1768 vis a vis Chapter 311. In that post see also my proposed Stipulations, Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, I had to do all of that to kick her ass, just to be free from Unconstitutional encroachment from Kelly Ayotte and her crew of Open Government Free Press haters. Conduct like that from Kelly Ayotte against my lawful conduct as an NAACP Officer certainly gives rise to a claim that she is indeed, a bigot. Well, that plus her tacit acceptance of her support from Niggermania, watch the Official Kelly Ayotte Senate victory video.

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  1. McLane Graf -- the law firm of Kelly Ayotte, Defense Attorneys Jack Middleton and Jennifer Parent and Judge McCafferty (in the 90's) are reading late into the evening:

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